Wah, Wah…

It’s been kind of a rough few weeks here. We’ve been super non-stop busy, me, just by association. Well, maybe not, I don’t think you’re ever not busy when you are juggling three kids (or more, or less) and a household. Kev has been working on a video project for what has seemed like ages now. He’s at it day and night, every spare hour he has. And I appreciate this job, I really do. It is keeping food in our mouths and paying down our debt. What I’m not too keen on is all this time that we’re not getting to really spend with him. Kev and I pass each other in the house and we’re like, “Who are you again?” I’m a quality time person. I need my conversations and just being time with Kev. I miss that. And lets be real here, I also miss the added help when he is here with the kids. It’s been double duty without much reprieve for me with the munchkins lately. (I’m really starting to feel it too…groan…) I will be glad, though probably not as much as he will, when he is finished with this job.


Thoughts on Thanksgiving

This year, I’ve found myself thinking about what Thanksgiving is all about. (Not sure why I’ve never thought about this before…perhaps it’s that I’m not the one scurrying around trying to pull together a feast?) Sure, it’s about giving thanks, that’s easy, but that’s certainly not all. Thanksgiving is an American holiday, because that’s where it originated, but I don’t think it’s about being an American. Isn’t it supposed to be about breaking bread with other cultures and races, crossing those invisible lines that so often separate us? Wouldn’t it be neat if the whole world celebrated this day with that spirit?
We’ve kind of always had a tradition of inviting different friends and such to our Thanksgiving celebrations, but next year, I will do it with a greater purpose in mind. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, young, old, different. This year, I’m thankful for you.

Monday Blues, or Brain Scramble, or Whatever

Well, it’s Monday morning and I’ve already been vortexed once this morning. I have too many projects going on! Of course, a lot of them are forever ongoing (like the dishes and the laundry, and the preparing of food. Is anybody as annoyed that we have to stop and eat as I am?), but I’ve also got a Christmas tree to decorate, bathrooms to scrub, carpets to vacuum, floors to mop, and well…more food prep to think about. Of course the Christmas tree part is fun, but (oh yes, there’s a but) I’m the type of person that does that delayed gratification thing, meaning I have to do all the other non-fun stuff before I can get to the tree. The question is, will it happen today? Oy. How ’bout you? How is your Thanksgiving week shaping up? I think we need some pictures to cheer us up, don’t you?

Arrg!  I'm a Viking Mommy
After what I’ve been through this last weekend (I had poor Drew who was sick with the stomach bug crud all by myself…seriously not cool) I deserve to wear this hat. I’m tough.

Viking Mommy of Three
My Viking Captures…except one seems to be faulty…what’s with those eyes?

What I’d really like to be doing today…sigh…

Sermon on the Mount Everest…

Yesterday went much better after I posted that little bit. Sometimes it’s humorous what God allows to happen to drop you a hint to hand over the reigns. I decided it would be nice for us all to get out of the house yesterday, especially after being all cooped up last week. So we met up with Ariel and Zoe and did what is quicky becoming the weekly trip to the mall. Namely the mall play-place. I’m telling you, if the outdoor parks would just put cushions on their benches, that’s where we’d be hangin’ out!
Today I accomplished a feat that I regarded something like climbing Mount Everest: I went grocery shopping with all three kids, no help. It went so well, I’m still not sure it actually happened. But the groceries in my fridge kind of make it undeniable. Still, it’s not something I plan on doing very often, but it’s nice to know that it can be done. (And that we’ll get to eat this week.)
Also, Selah actually slept through the night last night. Well, technically anyway…she wakes up to nurse still, but she didn’t wake up at four and start babbling or crying for two hours.
And we are gearing up for yet another busy weekend, is it ever going to stop?

Dear Lord, Please Don’t Let Today be one of THOSE Days!

My day started (again) at 4 in the morning. For some reason (maybe teething and the crud?) Selah has been waking up at 4. Yesterday morning, she woke up and just babbled happily for two hours, and then went to sleep again until around 10:30 or 11. This morning, she wasn’t as happy when she woke up (neither was I) and so I crawled out of bed, picked her up and rocked her back to sleep. (Please, somebody tell me that all this rocking from side to side is what is causing the sea-sickness, or at least melting away the love handles. I’ll take the latter.) So then, this morning I wake up to an all too cheery husband. Who wants me to smile. Not happening, oh ye who didn’t have to rock the baby at 4 in the morning. Then I get sort of off-handledly chastised for acting childish. True, I was acting childish. I need to learn how to deal with my frustrations head on. Then I go to make myself my usual mo(u)rning tea. When I am pouring the hot boiling water, the tag on the end of the tea-bag goes into my cup. Groan. Grrr. Tea is saved by my now burnt finger-tips, and I decide to move on to making my customary two pieces of toast. I burn not one, not two, but FOUR, count them, FOUR pieces of toast! Double Grrrrr. At which point, I say, okay Lord, before this day really goes down the tubes, I’m giving it over to you…and sit down to drink my tea and eat my toast, and read my chapter or two of the Bible. I am now conscious and centered. Hopefully this day will keep going better. Oh, and I sent an email to apologize to my hubby for being such a childish grouch this morning.

The Vortex

So today, I’m trying really hard to avoid the vortex. You know the vortex that happens sometime after lunch when you sit down with the computer, and when you get up and hour to two hours later, you have no idea what you’ve been doing. And whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t productive, or conscious. It was just a short lived coma where you piddled away precious moments dinkin’ around on the computer, or reading that magazine, or (insert your “activity” here.) And really, sitting down for a break isn’t so bad, it’s the effect that being in the vortex has on you after you come out. You’re tired, no energy, no drive or motivation, and you’ve forgotten all the goals you so gallantly set out with at the beginning of the day. And all you can do is pull yourself together, grab a (protein rich) snack, and try to put something together for dinner for all the members of your household that are counting on you to have it together. So I’m off to avoid the vortex today…right after I check my favorite blogs…

Drew’s Philosophy

Yesterday while we were eating lunch at gramma and grampa’s house, Drew had an objection to a homegrown carrot.
“I think God made my tongue different for this carrot.”
“Yeah, my tongue doesn’t like this carrot, but Beau’s does.”
“How is Beau’s tongue different than yours?”
“Beau’s tongue is purple and mine’s red, and purple tongues like carrots, but red ones don’t.”