Special Hair

Special Hair

Once in while… we get a wild hair around here.

Pleased as Pie


My Creative Girl

Food Artiste

This little one has become quite the artiste! She is always drawing something fabulous and impressively recognizable for a five year old. She is always making something out of her food. (This is when I don’t discourage playing with food. But of course, I couldn’t discourage it when I’ve been guilty of playing with food myself.)

We’ve had her in ballet now for about 5 or 6 months and it has been fun to see her prance around and begin to feel more comfortable in her own body.

My Little Snaggletoothed Ballerina

Drew is Ten!

Lego Captain Rex Cake

Drew turned 10 in January. He requested a Lego man Storm Trooper cake- so this is what I made. The inside of the “cake” is rice krispie treat (great for sculpting) and then I smothered it with butter cream frosting and then put homemade marshmallow fondant on it. It was very yummy. I ate too much, and promptly came down with a cold. In fact, I am still fighting the cold. 😦 But hey, I made a cool cake.