My Beautiful Niece

Back at the beginning of October, we had a birthday party for Zoe. These are some of the shots of her digging in to her turquoise frosted cake.

Drew absolutely adores Zoe. Since she started walking, they’ve really been able to play together well.

She’s just getting so cute. She’s starting to look more like a girl and less like a baby.

She and Beau have some very similar features, they almost look like they could be brother and sister some days.

The other night, I dropped off some food for Ariel and Jer (as we all have been dealing with various sicknesses) and when Zoe saw me, she immediately said, “Baby,” and then swung her arms back and forth like she was rocking a baby (sign language!) Then she came and gave me a hug and blew me some kisses. It was so sweet! I’m actually starting to feel more like an aunt! It’s fun, and I love my niece.


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