101 Things about Me

I hope this list doesn’t put you to sleep…
1. I am a natural blond
2. I dye my hair red the most
3. My sister has natural red hair
4. I have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art
5. I like to do figure drawings and pottery
6. I’ve sculpted a little too
7. I hate bronze sculptures
8. I love my mom, she does bronze sculptures, good ones, actually.
9. I love my husband
10. I am content with my life the way it is right now
11. I like to talk about myself
12. I don’t like to talk on the phone, unless it’s my mom or my sister Hannah
13. I am the oldest of three daughters
14. I hate confrontations
15. I once threw a plate of spaghetti on the floor during an argument with my husband
16. That was when we were newlyweds
17. Being married has made me a better communicator
18. I sometimes have a problem with leaving and cleaving
19. I don’t always want to live in Colorado
20. I dream about living by the sea
21. I like to boogie board
22. but I couldn’t last time I was in Cali, because I was pregnant
23. That sucked
24. I hope you all laugh when you read this
25. I gave birth both times without any pain meds
26. The second time hurt worse than the first
27. I was not expecting that
28. I was also not expecting my son to be two weeks late
29. I hate hearing people argue
30. My favorite food is still Chinese
31. I have more of a sweet tooth now than I ever did
32. I am a diagnosed hypoglycemic
33. But it’s really not that bad
34. I’m undecided about how many more kids I want to have, or if at all
35. I can sing pretty well
36. But I can’t dance
37. I love to sleep too
38. I am so white, I’m porcelain
39. I almost blinded myself by my legs this weekend
40. I used to eat worms and dandelions
41. My favorite album when I was 8 was the Police’s greatest hits
42. I’m six years younger than my husband
43. I want to learn how to write my own songs
44. I used to play the flute in marching band
45. Gee, that sounds dorky
46. My husband and I waited 6 months before we kissed the first time
47. My mom tried to scare my husband off by telling him I was a fickle pickle and
48. “You’re a boy, so I wish you’d just disappear.”
49. I used to call myself a hippy when I was in middle school
50. This terribly embarrassed my best friend
51. But we are still best friends
52. If I do have another kid, I really hope I have a girl
53. I would seriously consider adopting a girl from China
54. I love my grandma, but she drives me nuts
55. She calls me to tell me the contents of her refrigerator
56. That’s pretty funny now that I think of it
57. I just finished reading Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About the Bike, My Journey Back to Life
58. It was good, you should read it
59. I like to watch figure skating
60. I’d rather play football than watch it
61. I like instant gratification
62. But I also like delayed gratification
63. I didn’t get along with my middle sister until she went to college
64. Now we understand each other a lot better
65. I have always been really close with my mom
66. I have had the same best friend since 5th grade
67. That is almost 15 years
68. I graduated from a hicktown highschool that I hated
69. I actually dated a jock
70. Not one of my finer moments
71. This is not as easy as I thought it would be
72. I believe my husband’s band has what it takes to go big
73. He is the most talented and driven person I know
74. What I love the most about him, is that he pushes me to be a better person
75. And he’s pretty good lookin’ too
76. I do not think we are alone in the universe
77. I think that people who think we are, are arrogant
78. I have a relationship with God
79. I talk to him like a regular person, but with reverence, most of the time
80. I didn’t take my faith seriously until I was probably 18
81. I want to drive a Cadillac Escalade and a Jaguar sports car
82. I worry that I am not a very good mom, and my kids will turn out to be hooligans, or hate me
84. I hope that my relationship with my kids is as good as my relationship with my mom
85. I need to renew my driver’s license
86. I have never smoked a cigarette, pot, or gotten drunk
87. I am sometimes curious about these experiences
88. But not enough to try it
89. I am worried about people judging me because I admitted that
90. I think that all churches should get along and not try to compete with each other
91. I am trying to think of something really profound to say
92. I miss my middle sister a lot
93. I don’t have any animals
93. I used to have a cat named Attack Unit, A.U. for short
94. I have the world’s best in-laws
95. I put nutritional yeast on my buttered popcorn
96. I’m not sure if that cancels out an nutritional benefits it might have
97. I miss going to college
98. I am considering homeschooling my kids
99. But it kind of scares me
100. I want to go to Europe some day
101. I am going to think of a million and one things to add to this list tomorrow…


Funny Sequence of Photos

This is what happens when your husband is a paparazzi and you get tired of smiling for him all the time…

Garden Update

Well, since I said I would, I thought I’d give an update on my “garden business.” After planting it, the garden was very much ignored for the next month and a half due to wedding showers and weddings and birthdays and such. It still got watered, thanks to the sprinklers that have to be on from time to time four days a week, and plenty of unseasonal rainstorms. (I got stuck in Wal-Mart during one the other day, but that is another story…) Monday when Allie came by we went out back with the kids who were begging to go outside and I showed her my pathetic little garden all overgrown with the grass I had worked so hard and suffered a migraine to pull out. She just started pulling the grass out, and it was easy as it had just rained the night before, and so I naturally joined her, (Thank you Allison, BTW, I owe you one!) and wallah! my garden was weeded very quickly and looks much better, Yay! My big tomato plant is doing really well, actually, despite early attacks from a worm, however my grape tomato plant suffered a little more, due to the afore mention worm (or two.) It is still alive though. My cucumber plant died within a week, just shriveled up like the wicked witch of the west. Don’t know how I could have saved it, since I’m really new at this. My leek plant is doing great- it’s huge. But I must confess I thought it would spread out and it is only growing up, so who knows? Not me, obviously. He he. My herbs, I kept in my garden window in my kitchen and they’ve done great. In fact, my basil grew so much, that last night I harvested enough to make a sufficiently large pot of pesto pasta. I was very proud of myself. I just hope I harvested it right, so more will grow back…

I will post some pics as soon as I take some!


I finally figured out how to post pics on my blog without help from flickr. Yeah! So to celebrate, I am posting some pictures of my art. I can’t post any recent ones, I need to get permission from my sitters (the people who I’ve drawn in the nude.) The first one is Jim and Allison of pretending.sanity I did this one at the request of Jim I believe for their 1st? anniversary. Allison will have to correct me if I’m wrong.

Sorry for the poor quality on this one,it is a tribute to all of us nursing mothers out there. It now belongs to my sister Hannah who is a labor and delivery nurse and one day plans to become a midwife.

The third one is a raku fired pot, I dare say one of my best. Can you believe I haven’t thrown (made a pot) since I was pregnant with Drew? That amounts to I think over 3 years. Yikes! I need to get back in the saddle.

This last one is one of my favorites probably because it is the most unlike me piece I have done, being that is fairly abstract and not all detail oriented. I call it “Family Portrait”.

Some of my pieces are actually up for sale, and I am also taking commissions. So if you like what you see, or see anything you like, and want to buy a piece from me or have me create something for you, let me know and we will work something out!

Weekend, Weather, and Worries

This weekend I celebrated my 26th birthday by going on a much needed camping trip. I can’t say that it was restful, because it wasn’t- I still had to nurse Beau and that is difficult to do from a sleeping bag. And the moon was quite full and I think I’m a bit of a lunatic. It rained almost all day on Saturday, which was kind of a bummer, but we still had fun. We tossed around a frisbee (and I way overused my right arm) and then we finally went to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, which was nice. Beau kept on splashing the water without stopping even though it was bugging him too. Then he got fussy and finally ate after a long morning of not eating. And those of you who are nursing, or have nursed know what I’m talking about (boulders for boobs, ouch!) I wonder if implants hurt like engorged breasts? Thinking out loud… Then we had a lovely BBQ steak dinner. My dad can grill ’em like no one else, and my mom makes this yummy herbed butter to melt on top. (Fresh basil and oregano in butter) The campground host made some homemade peach icecream and brought that over for dessert. Then my sister and Jeremiah and Mom and Dad and us all hung around the fire entertaining each other. So yes, overall it was a nice weekend.

Today, Allison stopped by with a birthday present. She knitted me a lovely purple wool shrug, which I will have to get pictures up of soon. (As soon as I figure out how to post pics up here without the help of flickr) Thank you, Allie. It is lovely. I feel special to have it. Now I’ll have to find something to wear it with!

Kevin is playing gig over on the other side of the state tonight and I miss him dearly. I don’t like to go to sleep without him here. He’s like my loyal german shepherd keeping watch over the house and family, so when he’s gone, I feel a little insecure and end up staying up really late to compensate. If that makes any sense at all? Wish this house didn’t creak so much! But anyways, he’s back tomorrow. You know what they say, “Absence makes the fart go Honda!”

Happy Birthday Old Man

Happy Birthday Old Man
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Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you, I love you, and I proved it on my blog, Happy Birthday to you!

Hee hee hee. This scrumptious cake came from Coldstone. It is better than it looks.

Kevin is scrumptious, but not from Coldstone. He is better than he looks too, which is pretty darn good, cuz he’s a fox!
BTW, Kev officially became an older man on July the 19th.
Happy Birthday, Baby!