Christmas is Over…

Christmas was good this year. Different, but good. On the day after, I woke up and thought, “Did we really just have Christmas yesterday?” It came and went very quickly! Next year though…I’m going to take my mom’s advice, which was K.I.S.S. or “keep it simple stupid.” Acutally, she didn’t say the “stupid” part…but anyway. We cooked a huge turkey dinner and my kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off in it at the end of the day. Fortunately for me, my mom, dad and grandma got down to business and helped me clean it all up. (THANK GOD for them!) So yeah, next year, it’s going to be steak and/or chicken (for those of us who don’t eat red meat…but I digress.) Here’s a few shots from Christmas Eve (the only time we had to actually shoot pictures!)

Selah's First Christmas Present

A Cool Christmas Present

Watch Out!

Play Us a Tune, Kev!


Kidlet Update

Oh my! Has it been over a week already? Well, I’m still alive. Just extremely busy with Christmas preparations and so on. (…and I haven’t even started with New Year’s yet, and on second thought, I think I’ll let someone else do that this year…hee hee)

All is well here in the Laundry household. Although…when I washed Drew’s clothes, I only found one pair of dirty undies, which means he’s been wearing the same one’s for who knows how long. Can you say “distracted mommy”?
Drew has been coming up with some funny things lately. The other night he informed Kevin, “When I grow up and marry Eden, and after we get our first house, and then our second house, and then in our third, in my basement, I’m going to have a bobble-head just like yours.” There’s quite a lot of thought that went into that statement, yes there is.
Then, on another night, Kevin and I were attempting to play a easier modified version of Pictionary with Drew. It was Drew’s turn to draw, and since he’s not yet able to read, I told him that his word was ‘milk’. He kind of screwed up his face, and made a frustrated sigh, and then said out loud, “Mom, can you show me how to draw a milk box?” Uh, yeah, there were some issues Kev and I really didn’t think about trying to play this game with him. Ha ha ha…
I’ve been really proud of him. He’s been learning in leaps and bounds recently, identifying all kinds of numbers and even writing his name. This has been really encouraging to me, because last year when I tried to get him interested in this, he didn’t want a whole lot to do with it. I guess you just have to wait till they let you know when they’re ready.
Speaking of ready…that’s what Beau is: ready to potty train. When they start removing their own poopy diapers (and subsequently making a huge disgusting mess) it’s time to get on a roll (of toilet paper…) Beau has been our language expert lately. Talking quite a bit and quite clearly. He’s said a lot of funny things lately too, which seem to escape my memory at the moment. He’s been praying at night when we all go to bed which is super cute. Mostly he Drew’s prayers consist of giving thanks for everything. And I love how Beau says his sister’s name, “Thank you for Say-wah.”
Selah, is doing wonderfully. She finally cut those TWO bottom teeth, at four months old…my goodness. Can’t a mom get a break?! Then a week or two later, she started rolling over. She’s a pro now, and is (naturally) starting the beginning motions of crawling. She can successfully inch her way across the floor by pushing herself with her toes. I know it’s only a matter of time before she puts it all together, and becomes a true rugrat.

I’m getting more of a hang of being a mother of three. It IS possible to actually go shopping with all of them, daunting, yes, but possible. I’m learning a few tricks and also when to call it quits. Trick: go to the local grocery store, who will bag and help you out with your groceries (instead of W@l-Mart who makes you do it all yourself.) Quit: when you find yourself thinking about actually going to W@l-Mart.

So that is a tiny look into the world of us lately. We are all excitedly anticipating Christmas of course. Drew asks me every day if it’s Christmas yet, and prays for it to hurry up and get here, and also for lots of good toys. Hee hee. If you don’t hear from me again (because I’m making no promises here, I’ve got a busy weekend ahead) Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Timing is Everything

So, I’m not posting pictures, per request of my paranoid hubby…but…I will tell you the reason why my youngest son has a big shiner right now. Little guy decided it would be fun to pull down a pair of pants over his eyes and run around the house with abandon. Yeah, you guessed it. He ran right into our coffee table. We were just glad he decided to take this little adventure after (only just) we took our family photos. (Kev already had enough photoshopping to do, ha ha!) Poor kiddo.

…the Rest of the Story

Once again, sorry for the long hiatus in posting this week. (I like to imagine) that you all were wondering what was going on with me. I’m doing much much better now. My hubby and I had been on the outs a bit and all that tension was just building between us, which makes me really start to lose it. (There really is a good reason for not going to bed angry…and I got to learn that lesson. Again.) Monday, after I wrote that post, things finally got to breaking point, or blow up point, or whatever you want to call it between us. We yelled at each other and then calmed down, sat down and worked everything out. That did a great deal for relieving my temporary insanity/depression. On a side note here, we usually don’t wait this long or let things get this bad before talking about it. We’ve just been so extremely busy, we just hadn’t taken the time for each other. For the future: not a good idea! I don’t care how “important” whatever it is we are doing, it can wait. Then my mom came down until Thursday and hung out and helped around the house. After she left on Thursday, I had to dig myself out of a giant mountain, seriously, a MOUNTAIN of laundry. I thought about waiting to fold all of it and taking a picture of the huge pile all together…but, then the kids might have wanted to play in it like a pile of leaves. Yesterday, we just took it easy and hung around in our pjs (well, I did.) And, in good financial news, Kev’s paycheck got adjusted so that he is actually claiming us as dependents now, and that helps out our financial situation quite a bit. Praise God! That is another big stress reducer for me. I’ve still got a list the size of Manhattan of things I need to do, but I’m trying to only look at one thing at a time (so I don’t involuntarily shut down at the sheer size of it…he he) So we are plugging along now and things are going much much better. Thank you to those of you who remembered me in your prayers (all my moms), they really do help.

Well, sorry I haven’t written too much in the last few days. Life has not been so fun for me lately. I don’t really want to be complaining on this blog all the time, so I choose not to write. Then I end up feeling like I’m not really being myself, and this is my blog so I should be able to write whatever I want, right? But I definitely feel like I have a responsibility to you as my reader(s) to keep things balanced; not too much complaining, not too much happiness (c’mon, we don’t crap rainbows here!), and lots and lots of pictures. Sort of. So anyways. Right now, I’m grappling with some hard stuff about life. It’s nothing any of you haven’t dealt with, and it’s nothing I haven’t written about before. However, in the balance area, we have been seriously lacking in pictures, no? So here we go…pictures!

Here we have a nice shot of our Christmas tree (no, it’s not real) with the added bonus of a Beau. Beau apparently crept out of bed, for who knows what reason, and landed here in front of the tree. (He’s been getting out of bed a lot lately; last night we found him in the kitchen ready to delve into the caramel popcorn. When Kev asked him what he was doing, he feigned innocence, pointed to the popcorn and said, “How the hay did that get there?” Sidenote: yes, I say ‘hay’ instead of ‘hell.’ It’s probably a habit I should drop.)

As I think every mother has said or thought at one time or another, “It’s a good thing he’s so cute.”

My skate-boarder trio.

Drew and Selah. He loves her so much, he has even expressed that he wants to marry her when he grows up. It’s been interesting trying to explain to him why he can’t.

“I want YOU…to clean up all my toys for me.”

Well…I’m off to try to get a jump on another ridiculously busy week…first up: laundry, betcha couldn’t have guessed that one…