Date Night

So… that date night I mentioned? Kevin and I decided to go up to the property so he could show me what he’s been doing up there, and so we could try out the new hammock I bought. We picked up some sushi and drove up there. Kevin has really done a lot! He rented a skid-steer last week, and built some road up to the top of the property and started excavating a little bit where we want to put our future home.

The View

At first I thought we were crazy for wanting to move up here, what with the 30 minute drive up a somewhat scary road, the remoteness of it all. But then I look at this view and think we’re crazy for wanting to stay in town!

It will probably take a while (several years) before we actually move up there… but until then, we can come up and tromp around and enjoy whenever we want.

Looking to the East

This is looking to the east, maybe a little bit southeast.

Hanging the Hammock

Kevin cleared out an area on the lower part of the property for picnicking and camping fun. I bought a hammock, since it was something I have wanted since I was a little kid, and we have the perfect trees to hang it.

The Pick-nick Spot

Success! Then Kevin has to try too- it is a 2 person hammock, after all.

Room for Two

So much fun! I haven’t giggled that much since I don’t know when!

Hammock fun

It was quite chilly up there… so we kept our shoes on. And doubled up on our jackets.

Hangin in the hammock

(Oh yes, and the hair is quite blonde right now.)

Great date! Can’t wait to go back up there again.


A Glimpse at My Week

I have kind of set a goal for myself to write just one blog post a week. That’s all. Doesn’t have to be fancy, doesn’t even have to have words- just get something up here. I was looking through my husband’s blog last week, and was just delighted to take a trip down memory lane through his eyes. To have evidence of life, and to have evidence of his creativity. Well, you can’t take a trip down memory lane (visually anyway) if no one documented it. So here I am, for posterity.

Here’s a glimpse at my week. Probably one of the crazier weeks I’ll have this year. It is May after all, and that is when the crazy happens.

– We are finishing up our last two days of school! Yay! I survived my first year of homeschool! I am so excited to be done and take a break. And I am also excited for next year, and to try some new things and new curricula and see what works.

– We are preparing for vacation. Do I need to say more? All you moms out there know, that you need a vacation just from preparing to vacate. Haha!

– Date night with my hubby. We haven’t gone on a “date” since a business party we had to attend last month. (In other words, it doesn’t really count… does it?) So it’s really been 2 months? So looking forward to this.

– Heading up to my grandma’s house to pick up the last few items. (My grandma passed away in February. I have had a post about her in limbo for a while now. I really need to finish it and post it.)

– Have a heart to heart conversation with my mom. I don’t know what this is about, it was her request. Trying not to drive myself nuts guessing what she might want to talk about.

– Work out. (Almost) every day. Because… with this crazy of a week, I must, in order to keep my sanity. Plus, I plan to take a break from working out whilst on vacation, so… must not slack now!

– Take the kids to all their various activities, etc. Including: drum lessons, piano lessons, karate (four nights a week), church group, ballet and hip hop dance classes, and STAR testing. (School testing… must be done as part of the district homeschool program we are in.)

– Grocery shop. Ugh. I did this yesterday. With all four kids. At least it’s done.

– Mother’s day girls outing on Saturday with my sister, mom and sister’s mother-in-law. Pedicures and sushi. (Not at the same time. *wink*)

– Surprise birthday party for my dad on Mother’s Day. He thinks he’s going to the usual Mother’s day shindig we put on, but it’s really going to be all about him. I’m the most excited for this one, actually. My dad has had one heck of year, and I really want him to know how much we love and appreciate him.

– And you know, all of the other stuff that falls in between, that doesn’t necessarily need mentioning, but takes up time and energy none-the-less.

– Is sleep anywhere on this list?