It’s A Good Day

Today has been pretty fabulous. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the kids are being (mostly) peaceful, and I got the rest of my garden planted. I’ve also finished week four of the Insanity workouts – and that feels pretty good. There are only 3 weeks left of school- and I’ve also completed another yearlong commitment. Kevin and I are planning a vacation. Things are slowly mellowing out. Right now, I’m sitting on a blanket in my back yard while the winds blows softly, sending the aspen tree leaves to fluttering and the kids are playing happily around me. Finally feeling good!



Parties and Explanations

Just when I think I’m doing well with posting… two months sneak past! Oops. Just busy busy around here! I actually sat down to write a post about a month ago- got a good way into it, and then was unable to get back to finish it for yet another month. I don’t know about the rest of you- but the stage at which my family is in right now; with children in school, at home, and doing several activities, (including tutoring, preschool, ballet, piano and karate!) is crazy. There is very little time for extras. And unfortunately, blogging falls under the “extra” category right now. Which kind of makes me sad because- I really do like having a bit of a catalogue of the day to day happenings in our life. (Largely because there is so much that you just DO NOT remember later on!)

I believe I promised some pics and things from Beau’s birthday.
Beau's Aquabat Birthday

Beau asked for and “Aquabats” themed birthday party. The Aquabats started out as a ska band in the 1990’s, and have always worn superhero outfits at their shows. Now they have a fun TV show (and still perform music) that Beau just adores. So Kevin and I were up late the night before the party constructing Aquabats “Anti-Negativity Helmets” from craft foam, and goggles from the same. I actually sewed the foam together. (And I think that has to go on record as my most advanced sewing project yet. Ha!) I also made him a (gluten free) chocolate cake with and Aquabat on it, that turned out pretty well, minus the part where the letters leaked out and looked like blobs.
We had a pretty good turn out of friends for his party- and I think everyone had a pretty good time.

Aquabat Buddies
Beau and his good buddy from school in their “Anti-Negativity Helmets”.



Opening Presents

Smiley Kid

My side-kick and best friend for 23 years, Mel…
Me n Mel

Since we have members of our family who don’t necessarily do too well around large chaotic groups of children- we usually have a family party as well… this year, Beau’s was held the very next day.

Food Prep in the kitchen, where you can almost always find me.

My other side-kick, sister and best friend, Ariel. Making a delicious drink- which we’ve decided is her specialty. 😉 (Special shout-out to Hannah, who is also our side-kick and best friend! We miss you always!)

Papa Alan with the Aquabots….

…and another for fun… (ya gotta look at Drew in this one…)
Papa and the Goons

All the Girls
And what the girls do when all the parties are finally over!