Wordless Wednesday

Look What we Found the Other Night

Close up and Cute


It’s Alive!

My iPod has a mind of it’s own. Does yours? Mine definitely has favorites. One time it decided to give us a whole Switchfoot concert, and tonight on my way home, it decided it liked Korn. (Yes, I actually like a whole 3 Korn songs. So there.) I’m just glad that some of it’s favorites, meaning songs that show up every time I play it, are my favorites too…like All American Rejects, “Move Along.” Love that song!

Okay…for the record- I can barely stand to look at my own site anymore, it’s time for a change, and the Captivating thing needed to come down months ago! (Now if I can just learn how to change things up myself…I need a “How to Build Websites for Busy, Time-Consumed, Exhausted Moms” book, because I’m no Dummy. (Granted, the last statement is negotiable some days.) )

Anyways, ehem, I took some unconventional preggo shots today of my 5 1/2 month along belly. The pregnancy is going pretty well, this little girl is moving quite a lot, which is fun, unless you happen to be nauseated which seems to be happening to me a bit more lately, only at night and sometimes in the morning, so I guess it could be worse and I’m praying it doesn’t get worse! I go in for a check-up tomorrow…so I’ll update if there’s anything worth sharing.
Here’s some of the shots:

Not Swollen Yet...

Something I Wanted to Remember…

The other night we all took a walk after dinner and after pushing Beau around in the stroller, I traded with Kev for Drew who was riding his tricycle. (It has a little push bar, you know for those kids who have trouble pedaling and/or steering.) I don’t think I did anything particularly wonderful or special in that moment, but I think Drew was just feeling extra happy this evening and he said, “Mommy, you’re my best mommy!”

I knew I had to write this down, before I forgot what it was he said, and for those days when I’m really not sure if he likes me very much…

Lesson Learned

If your clean clothes are all neatly folded and laid out on your bed, ready to be hung up and put in their drawers…don’t wait, or your children will almost certainly decided to have an impromptu sword fight atop your bed which will send your underwear flying!