We’ve been hitting the slopes hard these last few weeks.  I told Kevin I haven’t felt like this since high school; actually excited for winter and slightly sad that it will come to an end. I love it all. Spending time doing something I love with my family. Examining each small snowflake that falls into my hands. Swishing through pine trees, heavy with mounds of white sparkly snow. Sitting down to a lunch of piping hot chili, fresh from the giant thermos, steam obscuring our faces.  Happily sipping hot chocolate and listening to Jane’s Addiction on the drive home.   This is how to beat the winter blues.  

In some ways, I’ve felt like we’re cheating. Surely we’re not supposed to be having this much fun? This often? Surely we need to conform to the societal norm of the 40 hour workweek? But I’m reminded that we only get one life to live, and it’s too short not to spend it doing what you love. I’m reminded, or maybe just discovering what it’s like to truly live. 



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