So over this last weekend we had a little bit of a dramatic event. (She says with a bit of sarcasm in her tone.) Apparently Drew and Beau were playing nicely outside when all of the sudden, Drew either starts antagonizing Beau or bossing him in some way. I’m not really sure, all I heard Beau say was, “Drew threw my roley-poley!!” Well, this antagonization annoyed Beau enough that he decided to retaliate and stood up to whack Drew with his handy-dandy purple light-saber. I’m not sure whether the light-saber actually connected with Drew or not, but I know he did major-ly overreact, fall over and hit his head on one of our metal patio chairs, causing his head to spurt blood, and both boys to go into hysterics. I never saw any of the fight, I was happily preparing dinner in the kitchen when I heard the hysterics start. I ran out to see Drew walking in with Kevin holding his bleeding head and Beau trailing behind them looking rather sorry. At this point, everybody thought that Beau had hit Drew with the light-saber and made him bleed. I guess in a way he sort of did, but I think it was an issue where the responsibility for what happened falls equally on both of their shoulders. Anyways. We fixed the head, and everything is okay there, no stitches necessary, and think both boys learned a lesson. (Okay, I’m not so sure about the last one, ehem.)
Fast forward to this morning, after we have just experienced both of the boys spill large amounts of cereal, dry and full of milk on the floor. Kevin starts explaining to Drew that he needs to use his head in order to avoid situations like this in the future. Then Drew says, “I can’t use my head right now, because it’s bleeding.” (Insert eye-roll here.) Omigoodness… some days, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with these goofy kiddos. At least they’re funny!


The Garden is In!

The Lone Iris
This iris isn’t in the garden, but I thought it was a pretty pic to start with…

Garden with Veggies Tagged

If you click on the pic it will take you over to Flickr where each plant is tagged, and you can see what they are. I have to say that this garden would most certainly not be here if it weren’t for my dear husband. He bought and built the enclosure, and then hauled all the fill dirt from a front spot we are clearing back to this spot here. He also got out his edger yesterday and cut all the long grass around the box to make it look extra nice. Thanks Kev, you’re the best!

The Garden be Planted!

Sideview of the Garden

Garden Progress and Stuff

Peeking around the Side of the House
Beau and Selah examining the garden space and probably some bugs.

The Garden-to-Be
It took me most of the day to weed this entire thing, which really is not that big. It’s about 2 feet by 16 feet. Of course, I took a break here and there, and was pretty sore after the fact, but Kev gave me a nice long back-rub later, bless his heart!

Weeded Garden
And here’s the weed-free product. (I should say “relatively”, because I know there’s some roots I wasn’t able to dig out.)

Tomatoes in Waiting
Here’s my tomato plants that are waiting forlornly for better ground… gotta hurry up and get that topsoil put in.

Purple Columbines
And here’s my lovely columbines. They are my favorite flower.

Breakfast for Dinner Outside
And here’s the family enjoying breakfast for dinner outside one of the beautiful evenings this week.

Also… if you want to hear a little story about termites and see an updated belly shot, check the Baby Monologues.

A Random Update

-I am officially feeling better. Do not have the morning sickness blues anymore. Still have to stay on top of my eating schedule, and still not much for chicken, but doing much better.

-I am also slowly working on my salsa garden and flower gardens around the house. It takes quite a lot of energy, so like I said, it’s slow-going. But I’m finding that I really enjoy digging in the dirt, and watching my little plants grow. I did a lot of weed pulling a bit ago, and boy, was I sore the next day. (Can you say “out of shape”!?)

-Speaking of being out of shape… I’ve been trying to slowly get back into decent shape. Don’t worry, I’m not doing anything too ambitious at all. Just trying to take regular and longer walks, which should help with all sorts of things in the long run. Walked 3 miles with my mom and the kids the other day up Glenwood Canyon. It was a gorgeous spring day. We would’ve walked farther I believe, but Beau was putting up a stink about being tired. (I need to get yet another double-stroller again.)

-Mother’s day weekend was really enjoyable this year. On Saturday evening my parents, grandmother and the kids and I all went to church, where Kev was playing drums that weekend. It was a fabulously applicable sermon, and I really appreciated it. Then we all headed out to a nice little restaurant in the neighboring town and really enjoyed ourselves. My grandma seemed to be having a really good time too, which was extra special. Then Sunday we spent the afternoon with Kevin’s family enjoying a nice lunch from KFC, courtesy of Kev’s mom. We hung out outside quite a bit that afternoon watching the kids frolic around with bubbles, and Kev and Philip jump up, around, and over trees. (Philip is a free-running enthusiast.)

-Today we got up early (well… the same time we always do, actually) and headed over to Philip’s graduation. (Phil is Kev’s brother by the way… I don’t know if I said that before.) It was 8:30 in the morning. At first I wondered at what I thought was an odd hour to have a graduation, but thank goodness it was, because boy did it get hot quick! Can’t imagine it being later in the day!

-I’ve been feeling rather happy lately. It’s a nice thing.

If You Want to See Something Kind of Funny

I got interviewed about the swine flu the other day.
When you click on the link, look at the little video screen on the upper right of the page, and scroll through the clips until you get to the one titled “District 51 Preparing for Swine Flu,” (It may be on the third page of clips) click on it, and pay attention because my clip is very short. Hee hee. I was at the play area at our local mall when they asked for the interview, and that is why it is so loud in the back-ground…

And then Drew Pipes up and says…

So the other day we all went out grocery shopping together. Kev’s new schedule has been very nice in that he is able to a lot more things with us, and helping me out with the grocery shopping is one of them. He usually wrangles the kids while I flit around the store getting what we need for the week.
Last week, Beau was giving him a little trouble so Kev resorted to a discipline technique, and told Beau if he didn’t behave he was going to get pinched. At this point, Drew, who was walking nearby, piped up and said, “that’s kind of dark for you, Daddy.” I told him that’s what we get for letting them watch The Incredibles one too many times.

I may have mentioned that Kev is also coaching Drew’s soccer team this year. He decided to come up with a team motto to help the kids stay focused on the important part of the games. The motto is, “Don’t take anything personally, never give up, and always do your best.” So, now that you have the back-story… I had set dinner on the table last week, and was still in the kitchen milling around getting the last few items that needed to be put on the table, when I look over, and Kev is absentmindedly putting mozzarella cheese on everyone’s pasta. I’m super picky about my food right now, for obvious reasons, and I DID NOT want any cheese on mine. So I yelled over at him, just as he started to sprinkle some on mine, “NOOOO! I DON’T WANT ANY CHEESE ON MINE!” Then I huffed and rolled my eyes, and he looked at me like I was a crazy woman. (Can’t say that I blame him, in this instance.) Then Drew pipes up and says, “Don’t take anything personally Mama!” Groan.