Late Resolutions

Yeah, I realize its February, and my last post was about Christmas! But I wanted to share a few resolutions with you, mostly because I’m just now figuring them out. (yeah, January was kind of a crazy month, with Kevin going on the biggest job he’s ever done for a week, and several birthdays, and recovering from Christmas and going back to school; so yeah… I’ve only now had any free time to think.)

1. I’d like to get in better shape this year. How cliche of me, right? I’m tired of making this goal every year and continuing to see my tummy expand and my butt sag. This is the year I’d like to create a habit of working out and being active, and firming things up. I wont have the excuse of “I’m pregnant,” (barring freaks of nature) to fall back on so- now is the time. I’m still fairly young, and I have a thin frame, its not going to be any easier in the years to come, so now is the time!

2. To participate. This became an ongoing theme for me last year- participation. I realized that if I want certain things in my life to change, like my social life, for example, I was going to have to overcome my fears and take part in things. I struggle with a smidgen of social anxiety, and have seen a few examples of people who are ruled by their social anxiety. I don’t want to be like that,
so I’m working on overcoming that. Obviously, participating encompasses more than just social life, and I will be constantly challenging myself in every situation asking myself if I am participating or holding back.

3. Do more art. This was a goal I had last year, and I don’t feel like I really succeeded much with it. Sure, I made a few pottery pieces here and there, but nothing, I really felt that was “art”. (we can have the whole craft vs. art debate later.) I did participate in a small art gift show, and was humbled by the display of artisanship. I left feeling like I should really be a lot better than I am currently. So really, my goal is to become a better artist. To be more consistent in producing art. To develop my own style further. To BE an artist.

4. To blog/document more. ‘Nuff said.

5. Grow my own big ol’ garden this year. I loved doing the CSA last summer, but was definitely burnt out by the end of the season, mostly from having to drive out to pick up our share week after week, after week. However, it served its purpose well, keeping us in great produce for the whole summer, forcing us to try new veggies, and giving us a better idea of what we’d like to grow in our own garden. So… I guess we are going to be farmers this summer… Wonder if my hubby will spring for some laying hens? A milking cow? 😉
And I think that about covers it.