So I have determined that my little sweetie of a nine week old is teething. I kid you not, and believe me, I wish I was. Poor thing has been extra fussy as of late, is drooling, pulling off all the time while trying to nurse, and will chew on my fingers. Yes…I’m just hoping it either goes away, or the tooth just comes in, because this is starting to wear on my nerves (and my breasts) just a little. Thank goodness for teething tablets! I think I’d really have no sanity were it not for the creator of them.

At Last…

Okay…so here are a bunch of random shots. Of course, there are a ton more in addition to these on my Flickr site, you can get there by clicking on any one of these photos. Enjoy.
Hopefully there will actually be more to come soon…(GASP!)

My goofy boys at their best…cool shoes too! 😉

Drew is so proud of his little sister, and she seems to like him too…

I have better pictures that are on my hubby’s computer…so as soon as I get them onto to this one-this will have to suffice. She’s getting big! (Two months already!)

The Usual Behavior
This is more representational of what the boys have been like to each other lately…

In Jail
…and when they’re bad, we send ’em to jail! Just kidding…this is actually a homemade gate that goes at the top of our stairs to the basement. We need it for when ever cousin Zoe comes over. The boys have fun playing with it.

Acting Out
And acting out…

Selah and I are exhausted.

This is a shot of Selah in her sling when we were in California at Downtown Disney. If you click on this shot, you can see the rest of the set of that day.

Show Stopper

So a few evenings ago, the band my hubby plays in had a show at our local Christian bookstore. Since this is a family friendly environment, I decided to bring all the kids down to see their daddy play. (And make a quick stop at Ross to find some “transitional” jeans) We (my sister and I) get to the show and find a seat in the back and settle in. Beau notices his daddy playing and the music and starts to dance a little, then gets embarrassed, covers his mouth like a little chipmunk and runs to hide next to Ariel. I encourage him to go ahead and dance because he looks like he really wants to. At this, he takes off running straight towards the stage, and to my and Ariel’s horror, he goes right up to Kevin on the drums grabs a drumstick and gets ready to play. Ariel takes off after him (with Zoe in her arms) and I follow close behind-trying to hide my embarrassment. We were able to get him away from the drumset without causing too much of a scene (not that one hadn’t already been created.) Fortunately, the crowd seems to think this was cute instead of annoying, as did my hubby. Later on he tells me that the sound guy asked, “Was that your daughter that ran up to the drums during the show?” To which Kevin says, “No, it was my son, but he’s got great hair and he’s good looking so people think he’s a girl…”

Incidentally, we gave them both haircuts this weekend. If I get around to it (cough,cough) I’ll take some pictures and post them.

Where Have I Been?

Oh my…it’s been too long, once again. I used to be good at this (writing often.) Well, I must admit I’ve been juggling the three kids along with the rest of things that come with life. I got sick Tuesday night (I have no idea what it was, I was the only one in my family that had it.) I’ve also been spending a lot of the time I would be blogging (which is also when I’m nursing), reading Harry Potter (I’m almost through book 5.) I tell you, you can’t put those books down. I’m soooo far behind on my blog reading, I think I’m just going to wipe my googlereader slate clean and start from there. I just don’t have time to feel guilty about all those posts I missed. My house is suffering too… I desperately need to vacuum and clean bathrooms (somehow I’ve managed to stay on top of the laundry.) Some days it seems like I live just to feed everybody-literally! So…that’s what’s been happening here. I’m hoping to work blogging back into my schedule…I seem to do so much better when I have that release of being able to write and share things and get feedback, you know? So hopefully I will have some more substantial posts coming up here soon, and we definitely need some pictures! I have been taking pictures, just not uploading them- so don’t worry new pictures of Selah are coming soon! Okay…now that I’ve written this, I have to live up to my word, right? ….

Inevitable Questions (at Least He’s Not Afraid to Ask)

So I’ve been debating with myself about whether or not to share this funny little story, but it’s just too hilarious not to share…so here goes (pardon the incorrect spelling…you understand the reasons)

Drew and I have been having an ongoing conversation about the size of he and his siblings when they were born. He knows that Beau was the biggest, then he, and then Selah. So the other day while chatting away with Kevin, he questioned, “Daddy, when Beau was born did he have a bigger pen!s too?” Kevin turns around and looks at me, amused and incredulous, and I giggling stand right up (I was stooping into the fridge) and say very quickly, “Nope! You were both the same size!” I can’t wait to hear what he asks us next!