Well, tis the last day of October and it seems I have failed miserably at my plan to do a project a day during the month, even though my attempts were watered down to begin with…
So in light of this failure (ha ha ha) I have decided to take on a new challenge:

What is Nablopomo you ask? Well, It’s National Blog Posting Month, in which you post every day on your blog, if that wasn’t obvious. 😉

So wish me well…this should be a really interesting month (I hope!)


More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Darth Vader Pumpkin
Guess whose idea this one was? Ha ha ha!

Well…we don’t normally celebrate Halloween, but this year we thought it would be fun to dress the boys up and just go around our neighborhood, which is fairly small. Now, even though you see a Darth Vader pumpkin here…Drew’s new thing is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (thank you, Kevin!) Kev got a season of shows on DVD while we were on our way out to Oklahoma, well, because it had the longest running time. And now Drew is a convert. He studied that DVD all the way out there and now runs around the house doing ninja moves and singing the theme song. Even when asked to choose between the Turtles or Star Wars, he chooses the Turtles!! Gasp!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be the mother of one of (obnoxious…but not Drew of course) boys that went around obsessed with that show all the time! Ha ha! I love God’s sense of humor. So, now that I’ve digressed quite a bit with explanations…Drew is going to be “Leonardo.” Or as he says it, “I wanna be “Ardo.” I’m not sure if he chose that turtle because of the color he wears (blue) or because he has two swords…probably the latter. Hee hee. I decided to make it easy on myself and have Beau dress up as one of the other turtles. So today I will venture out to the store and see if I can possibly find any costumes for very little money, or I will make them myself with a few ideas that I have. There is a possibility they might just end up being pumpkins, I’m sure. Pictures to follow!


So I recently got a cute little hoodie that is on the rock and roll side of things and has a jolly roger, a.k.a. skull and crossbones on it, as they seem to be oh, so popular these days.
So Drew says to me, “Mom, is that a bonehead on your shirt?”

Things Are Good

Well, you know today was one of those days where everything went very smoothly and better than expected. I watched my friends kids and they were just about perfect. I had minimal behavioral problems from my own children. I didn’t get too tired or irritated, and I actually had fun. It was a good day, and therein lies my ponderings. It seems that when things go so well, there will inevitably be a really rotten day soon thereafter. I know I really should just dismiss such thoughts and fully embrace the good days, but it is just one of those thoughts that can’t help but creep it’s way into my head. I know that for the most part, whether I have a good day or a bad day is totally controllable by me, except for those rare (thank God!) days where things happen that really are beyond your control. So I’m really hoping that I remember that when soon enough things will threaten to ruin my day…

My Family Rocks!!

Well this has been a special and wonderful trip. We are headed back home tomorrow, so you won’t hear much from me for a couple of days. We successfully accomplished what we came out here to do…and that is a relief, specifically for my hubby. He is shooting 65, 60-second inspirational spots, done by his grandmother, who is the Christian Mother Goose. Can you believe they’ve been able to get all those shoots done in two days!!??Home Studio In addition to that, he is also shooting a documentary about her life, which is pretty interesting (if you ask me.) Gramma Cheryl and I have been finding things to do with the boys while Kevin and the rest of the family produce the spots. Then we all come together in the evenings for dinner together. It has really been a lot of fun, and gone very well. Last night eating dinner, (a very yummy steak dinner prepared by Uncle Keith!)Grilling I think we were all struck by how blessed we have all been. We have a really fantastic family, on all sides. God is so good.
The Whole Family

That being said, I am getting a little homesick. I’m ready to see my mountains again- though I have been enjoying a little extra moisture in the air.

Tales from the Road (if you are Arachnophobic, don’t read this!)

Well, we are here, where we are. It was a long trip down, but went pretty well! We have dual DVD players for the boys, and I don’t recommend traveling long distances any other way. (Well, unless you can afford to fly.)
So now that we are here, I have to say that my fear of spiders has been a bit amplified. We are in brown recluse country, and I had my uncle show me one so I knew what they looked like. You know, so I can AVOID them. You might like to know how he was able to actually show me a real, well, dead, brown recluse. Well, there are little sticky bug boxes to catch all kinds of pesky insects around the baseboards of their house. The boxes have been pretty successful and caught lots of these little spiders, and that is how I was able to see one. Eew. I know. So…since then, I have frequently had the “heebie-jeebies” and imagined there are various bugs crawling up my pant leg and so on. I think I preferred the comfort I felt before I knew how common these things were here and before I actually saw one.

On the Road

…Can you guess where I am? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not Kansas. 🙂 Traveling East of course.

Here are some shots from the long drive.

Passing Time and Being Productive


Welcome to Kansas


In Car SnapShot

More Tales from the road to come.