Wordless Wednesday




Cool air
Rustling leaves

Pulling my jacket close around me
Noting the autumn sun

The neighborhood is quiet
With the kids back at school

Time for new beginnings
Old habits die off
Colors change.

Looky What I Did!

Purple Knitted Purse 2

Purple Knitted Purse 1

My very first knitted purse! I have to say, I started out using a pattern from Stitch N B!tch but then I pretty much modified it so it would work for me…and then the whole thing just went a different way…so I guess it’s my first pattern too. I really don’t know if I could write it down though, but maybe I should try, just for kicks. I’ve done a few more difficult things lately, like knit a pair of booties for my neice. (I finished them only 3 hours before she was born!) I’ve just been picking something I’d really like to do…and using my manual (See above link) to help me through it. It’s been a lot of fun, and I feel like I’m getting a fairly decent handle on the whole thing. I think my next project is going to be another purse. (Purses are, after all, the reason why I started knitting in the first place.) This one is going to be felted, meaning you toss it in some hot water and it (well, shrinks) becomes more or less an impenatrable fabric. Off to have some fun with my needles…


This past weekend, while we were all celebrating Allison’s birthday it struck me how blessed we are to have these wonderful people for our friends. They have been there through the kicking and screaming, the hard and the easy, the good and the bad. It is really obvious to me that God has placed them in our lives, and I am so very thankful for that. I also think it is funny how what we may have had in mind for our lives is so different (often times) than what God had in mind, and how his plan is always much better than ours. Thank goodness his plan prevails. I am looking forward to growing old with all these friends, seeing how God uses us in their lives, and them in ours, and to see how we change and mature and stay the same. Most of all, I’m just so very thankful to have them as friends. You all are such a blessing-love you guys!

The Girls

The Guys

Home Schooling My Pre-Schoolers

So I have been having a debate with myself for quite sometime as to whether I want to homeschool, private school, or public school my kids. For me, more than anything, it is just a question of where and how can they get the absolute best education. For the moment, I’ve decided I’m at least going to home pre-school my kids, and give them a solid foundation for either further homeschooling or other schooling. I know there are a lot of you out there who homeschool, or have homeschooled and I was just wondering if you have any tips, advice, or good ideas to share as far as good curriculum and so on. Your comments are much appreciated here. Thanks!