The Newlyweds

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Here is one great shot of the Newlyweds. Aren’t they just adorable. My cousin, Robyn shot this photo, Thanks Robyn!


The Wedding

Well, it is finally over. My littlest sister finally got married. All of us kids are married off now and life can go on, and begin anew.
Ariel’s wedding was lovely. Everything went really well as far as weddings go. There was a little bit of confusion, and not quite enough chairs for everyone at the reception, but it was still great. The groom and his attendants walked in to the song Bad Boys, with aviator glasses on, which was a surprise to us girls, but a hit. Ariel walked down the aisle to a screaming rendition of Here Comes the Bride played on the electric guitar by none other than the fabulous Anthony (from my husband’s band, 5fd, Thank you Anthony! That rocked! I especially liked the whistle in the middle of it.)I would have to say the high point was watching Ariel and Jeremiah after they lit their unity candle. They had to stand back there for a while during the music piece they had chosen for that section of the ceremony. They just stood there looking in each other’s eyes and talking about their day, and since they are (were) both virgins, probably giddily saying, “We get to have sex tonight!” That seemed to be more of a prominate theme during the entire wedding, but when you’ve waited that long, what can you expect? They just looked so in love, and perfect for each other and that made me really happy for them. I’ve never seen Ariel so content and confident in herself before, and that is just a witness to the “rightness” of their union together. The low of the night, was when I had to actually run to the back of the chapel to get a glass of water during the ceremony because I was about to have a coughing fit. I figured it would be less distracting for me to just leave than to go into convulsions and really interrupt the entire ceremony. As it was, everyonge thought I went to go get a tissue for my sister, Hannah, who was having trouble holding back the tears. I told her she needed to not listen to the words of the song, that’ll get you every time!
The reception was fun, but short, very short. Every little reception custom was performed and then they were outta there right at ten, and no later, once again the
“we get to have sex tonight” theme overriding everything. Apparently, (I didn’t see this because I was shoveling lasagne down my throat)when Jeremiah went to pull the garter off Ariel’s leg, he stuck his whole head under there and when he came out- he tossed like size 60 red lacy undies into the crowd. (Paying homage to Shallow Hal) That was pretty funny, seeing that Ariel is probably a size 2 or 4, and I wish I could’ve seen her face, but everyone else thought it was funny.

So now Ariel is a Mrs. and I still don’t think it has hit me, probably wont until she gets back from her honeymoon. Weird.

I will have to post some pics as soon as I download them (I need to post pics of the bees too…)
Until then…

Lots O Poo (Warning this Post Contains words in, around, or about Poop)

So yesterday was an interesting day, even fun in some parts. We are all still recovering from “the sickness”, so I decided to bring both boys to the Dr. to check their ears for infection. This is always extremely traumatic, especially since Drew hates to be looked at. I had my sister with me fortunately, and I warned her before we went in that this would probably not be, in any form of the word, “fun”. Drew has particularly waxy ears, so his had to be cleaned out before they could be viewed, and the Dr. and I ended up having to hold him down while he was screaming- so we could clean them out. Like I said, NOT FUN. Poor Hannah thought she was going to cry. And yes, Drew does have an ear infection. Beau has probably a tiny one- so we get to start them both on fun antibiotics, which are also hard to get Drew to take.
Later, between various “wedding catch-up” as my sister aptly named it, I actually got to go get a haircut (thank you mom!) Fortunately my hairdresser is with-it enough to let me nurse Beau underneath the cape while she cut my hair. Well, he tooted under there and it was really stinky, and so I got him out of there. (Don’t want him to be killed by his own fart!) I explained to my hairdresser that he hadn’t gone poo in 3 days. Just as I am saying this I look down to see yellow coming out of the back of Beau’s shorts. My hairdresser grabs me a towel, and it starts bubbling out the back- and then Hannah picks up Drew and runs out to the car to get the diaper bag. Well, Drew’s diaper was full too and he just happened to be peeing- so Hannah too got wet. Meanwhile, Beau is bubbling. Hannah comes back with diaper bag and we transfer Beau to sink- and she holds him there for a little while so he can finish bubbling. My hairdresser looks down- and she had been tagged too by the poo when she transfered Beau from my hands to the sink. I, the producer of both children, remained untouched by any of their “goings.” Funny thing is, my hairdresser happened to have a picture up on her wall of another little girl whose diaper exploded and got to use the same sink while her mommy was getting a haircut. Wish we had a camera!
Even later, back at home, Drew informs me that he needs to go poo himself. So we take off his diaper and let him sit on the potty chair. He fiddles around for quite awhile while myself and my sister are demonstrating how to push things out. He’s in the buff long enough that he has his very first successful pee on the potty. Yeah! We were so proud- and little bit later he sits back on the potty and squeazes out a little turd. So, he’s gettin’ it. I know I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but I’m pretty sure this is a breakthrough. Whew!

Monday/Bridal Shower Report

Aaah…Monday, Monday. The count is 6 days until my little sister’s wedding. The last little girl in my family is growing up. We will all be married off now. Time really flies. I remember thinking about this moment for me when I was about 12, but it never occurred to me that my sisters would be getting married too, and that that would make me feel really old. And I’m not really old. It’s kind of a bittersweet time. It’s sad that our childhood is really gone forever, but exciting to look to our future as adults and parents. Life is an interesting and strange thing.

Well, I am still suffering from this bug- which I think may be a genetically altered cold bug, but I’m not sure. I was feeling pretty decent Saturday morning, then my ears started hurting again and then I lost my voice. It still hasn’t returned. My dad told me I should sing “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes. (Have no idea if that is spelled right or even the correct title of the song, but I think most of you will get the jist) My sore throat has just migrated to different parts of my throat throughout this whole ordeal, and now I have a nasty gross cough and green sludge coming out of my head. So I just hope, and pray, that this is all cleared up by Saturday or tomorrow is good too. Sigh.

The shower was a hit. It took 6 of us women to get it off the ground, but we did it successfully and had a blast. The highlights of the party were probably the video we taped of Ariel’s fiance answering questions about himself and Ariel, and the cake from Coldstone. (mmmm, yummy) Ariel had to guess how Jeremiah would answer the questions- and she did pretty good, got just about everything except his year of birth. He he. We should of put some wackier ones in there, like: When was the last time Jeremiah picked his nose in traffic? Then the bachelorette party was a lot of fun too. We ate at the Olive Garden and then headed out to a super nice house, owned by Ariel’s Aunt-in-law-to-be. Just for grins, we made Ariel take a “Blow Job” shot, which is a no hands shot. She was having much difficulty and she quickly said, “I can’t get my mouth around it!” To which we all had a really good laugh and she turned red in embarrassment. We got her a “Honeymoon Survival Kit” and joked around by putting things like a pregnancy test in there as well as some No Doz, and a copy of Kama Sutra. Then I went to bed early (well, earlier than everyone else) seeing as I had only had three hours of sleep the night before, and we got up the next morning and drove home in our pajamas. Oh and did I mention we had a stripper at this party? Yes, my son Beau, I had to change his diapers…

Saturday, the Morning Of…

So here it is, almost 6:30 a.m. and I am awake, really early for me because why? Well, because the starlings outside my window were making a racket, but actually because I am too excited about this shower! Ha! After this week, that was the last thing I thought would happen. But fortunately, and I deserve it, I must say, things have really come together nicely, and this should be a lovely shower, and I am happy about it. Just wish I could’ve gotten some more sleep…

Now before I forget: I have to tell you about the bees. Yes, bees. Thursday morning I was in my living room reprimanding Drew about something when he was distracted by something outside and said, “What’s out der?” I thought he was just trying to change the subject because he didn’t want to listen to me, but he persisted and so I looked “out der.” Low and behold there was a swarm of a million bees in my backyard. Seriously. I’ve never seen that many bees. Of course, then Drew asks if he can go jump on the trampoline and I of course laugh and say no way! The bees seemed to be moving to the east though, which eased my mind and the days events made me quickly forget about them. A few hours later, my backdoor neighboor shows up asking if I had noticed the swarm of bees earlier. I of course said yes, and he told me he thought they were in a tree in my back yard. Turns out they didn’t go as far east as I thought. He said he had called some guys to come take care of them- if they were still there. So we go check, and sure enough, there was about a 2 foot by 2 foot ball of bees in this tree! So these guys show up to take care of our little problem and they turn out to be bee-keepers and they are going to capture the bees- not exterminate them. Unfortunately while they were carefully trying to cut the branch off the tree, the last snip jolted and half the bees fell off the swarm. One of they guys got stung a couple or four times and then they had to wait aroud for about 2 hours while the rest of the bees found their way into their new hive. So, crazy story, happy ending. Thank God they’re gone! I did get some pictures of this- I will post them ASAP.

Sicker than…

Oh my goodness. I am sooo sooo sick now. That aching I complained about a couple of days ago, well, it came back, with a vengeance. I don’t think my body has ever hurt this bad, and there are things that hurt that I didn’t know could hurt. My whole family has been stricken with this curse, along with half of the rest of the valley I hear. This is some weird virus that seems to have taken over, unfortunately for us. I hear though, that it only lasts for 3 days, so I am really hoping that is true- and if it wants to leave me sooner, I will be just fine with that. I am almost through day one- and there are three days till the big ol’ shower. And yes, this week did get crazier, but not like I wanted it to! Oh well, those of you out there who pray, please say a prayer for me and my family- this crap needs to go!

Freaking Out!

Well, it’s just about 5 days until the big ol’ bridal shower and I am trying really hard to contain my urge to scream in my overwhelming freaking-outed-ness. My husband is really sick, Drew is recovering, and I am trying really hard not to give in to being sick, and meanwhile, Beau- well, he just needs to eat. A lot. Guess I’d better stock up on the echinacea and the vitamin C. So my best friend called me and wondered if she was invited to the shower because she didn’t get an invitation, which I am absolutely sure I sent to her. So now I’m wondering if the mail system failed or her husband just mistakenly forgot to hand her that piece of mail. But if it was the mail system, I’m wondering how many other guests didn’t receive their invitations. Fortunately we’ve got the food situation figured out, thanks so much to my wonderful sister, Hannah. You’re a life-saver! Can’t wait till you get here on Friday! So now, hopefully all the other little details, being taken care of by each little bridesmaid, will be taken care of in a timely fashion- and we can breathe by Sunday- and have a nice Father’s Day. Hopefully Kev will be feeling back to normal by tomorrow, because he has a gig he has to drum his little heart out for. So that is what’s up- more later… and lets hope this week doesn’t get any crazier, which is probably a wish in vain seeing that it’s only Tuesday.