Outside Crafting

We are making owls. The littles are very interested. Progress is slow. 🙂

Outside crafting.


Another Day Trip for the Books

Another day trip for the books that happened at least three weeks ago. These weeks are just flying by so fast, and before I know it, a month has gone by. I have to get better at documenting just for my sake and my kids sake. I do so hope they will be able to go back and see all these posts some day when they grow up.

So, a while ago, we decided to take a Sunday drive up to the Grand Mesa to enjoy the scenery and the turning of the leaves. It’s not that you can’t see leaves turning down here in town, it’s that when you’re up there, they are spread out before you in all their glory. Like a sumptuous meal of color!

Mesa Colors
My pictures, of course, are not going to do the view justice. I have been iPhone-ing it on a regular basis, and while the pictures it takes are far superior to the early model digital cameras and even some newer ones, it doesn’t outstrip one of our pro-grade Canons, or your eyes, for that matter. 😉

Daddy and His Girls
Overlooking the valley. Naturally, we had to hold onto Rory or she would have just gone walking right over the edge, none-the-wiser. Not an ounce of caution in that one.

Kevin on a Rock
This is one of oh, a bajillion, (yes, that is totally a word!) lakes to be found on the Mesa. We were hopping from rock to rock to avoid the mud.


Lake Boulders

Bridge and kids and hubby
As you can see, I was not the only one iPhone-ing it. And I must say, I love bridges. Maybe it’s that they give you the ability to get to places you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, I’m not sure, but I just think they are fun.


Drew and Rory
At the start of the trail. However, I feel the need to point out, we did not walk that many miles. Maybe 1 or 1.5 at the most. We had whiney girls very soon into our walk, which tells me that we need to go more often, so they build a little more stamina.

Mesa Lakes and Thunder Clouds
Looming thunder clouds, that thankfully, waited to unload until we made it back to our car.

Like so many golden coins.

On the Path
That is Selah running ahead there.

All four together. I don’t think they could possibly hold any more still than they are right here. 😉

The Path

Two roads diverged in a wood...
Can’t resist thinking about the Robert Frost quote with this one… “two roads diverged in a wood…”

D stands for Drew
We found a “D” on a tree.

Another bridge! This one was a surprise, and our favorite. Almost like finding a treasure in the forest.


Thirsty Girl
Had to water my whiney thirsty girl.

Selah and Beau
Checking out beaver dams.

Beaver lodge
The beaver lodge.

Fall Colors on the Grand Mesa

Even thought fall leaves me a bit melancholy because it’s heralding winter, it’s one of the best and most beautiful times of the year!