Gratitude for Where We’re At

I found myself with a little bit of time this morning, so I thought I’d drop in and say a few words. Life has been crazy busy lately. The boys have school, and karate twice a week, as well as tutoring and piano. Selah also has preschool (with her Grandma Cherry) once or twice a week, and recently we added ballet classes to her repertoire. Rory, of course, tags along for everything and is living the cushy life of an almost 3 year old. Add Kevin’s work, my work (neither of which have a really “set” schedule,) holidays, birthdays, school music shows, sickness and health, and well, you have a really busy life. I keep telling myself that it’s going to mellow out and slow down one of these days, and I hear a voice in the back of my head that keeps laughing at me when I say that. Selah will be in kindergarten next year, we will likely put Rory in preschool, and things will just keep getting busier. I am just thankful that it comes just a little at a time. Kind of like weight lifting. This year I am able to “bench-press” this many activities, and next year I’ll be able to “bench-press” a little more.

Truly, though, there are things that are slipping out of our schedule as well, and they make room for the new things. I have no babies anymore. Rory will be turning three in less than a week. She is almost completely potty-trained. We sold our stroller a few months ago. I am steadily working on getting rid of all our little kid plastic sippy cups and detritus. The days of nursing little babies and entertaining toddlers, (and getting a mid-day break with a nap) are gone.

I am happy to be in this stage though. These are some of my favorite ages with my kids. Drew is young enough to still “like” his parents, and Rory is old enough to be somewhat independent and not so fragile. We are able to get out and do more things with our kids now that they are getting older. Kevin and I are also able to have a little more freedom for ourselves, and not be so tied down to an infants needs and schedules. I am just getting used to how life has shifted, and trying to grab hold of each minute and appreciate what we have and where we are at. Life is busy, but things are good and we are all happy together. It’s times like this, that I look at where God has taken me and us, and I am so thankful for his provision and guidance and his love in our lives.