B’s First Day of Kindergarten

And D’s first day of 2nd grade too!

Drew and Beau's First Day of School!

A lil’ sleepy at 7:15 in the morning!

Beau's Very First Day of School!

B was very excited to show me his new friend when I came to pick him up, and when I dropped him off the next day, he was quick to find him and hold his hand. So cute! I’m glad he’s making friends. Now if we can just work on the listening and learning part, we’ll be good! Ha ha! His teacher told me that he was talking a bit the first day, explaining that it was okay, that’s pretty normal for a kindergartner. She also said he kept on saying, “I can’t!” but then would see everyone else doing it and try and do just fine. Today I asked him how it went and he said he got in trouble 2 times for talking… He does appear to be retaining things though, I asked him what sounds an “a” makes and he new all of them, and then went on to explain what sounds a “c” makes. (They learn to read using the Riggs phonics system at their school.)

I must confess I was a bundle of nerves dropping him off his first morning. He is quite the handful, and I was a wee bit worried about his behavior and obedience. (I still am… a little bit.) But I’m pretty confident he will do well, and I think his teacher will be a good one for him!

D came home his first day in a good mood and with a smile on his face, exclaiming, “I don’t have any homework!” (His favorite part of school… yeah, right!)

In the mean time, I’m at home (or NOT, rather) figuring out how to balance a mid-day pick up with all my other chores and enjoying hanging out with just my girlies! Uh… it’s a busy life. I’m having doubts about the pace of it all, but I’ll give it a few more weeks to mellow out a bit and we’ll see how I feel.


Teeny Tiny is Better than Nothing I Guess…

Hello all! It’s been a busy summer and I haven’t had much time to devote to posting lately. I have, however been uploading photos to my Flickr page, so please feel free to take a look. Hopefully I will be able to get on and share a little bit about our adventures soon here! Until then, hope you all are enjoying your summers!