Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Three

This is definitely a more difficult chapter to relate to than the first two, but perhaps that is because it points out some hard to accept facts about the characteristics of women. Things that we don’t want to believe, but deep down, we know they are true. Though, I don’t count issues like the ones found in this chapter “fun”, I think they are necessary to address in order to become a better person. (At least, I know for me, becoming a better person will be a life-long pursuit. I fear the day that I ever think I have “arrived.”)

Something that really struck me about this chapter is what they said about Eve accepting the fruit in the garden from the serpent, or rather she accepted his reasons for why she should eat it. The book said, “The woman was convinced. …. Convinced of what? ….Convinced that God was holding out on her. Convinced that she could not trust his heart toward her. Convinced that in order to have the best possible life, she must take matters into her own hands. And so she did.” I don’t know about you, but I have to admit that I am guilty of the same sin. I desperately want to be able to pray, “God, take me. I am your servant. Do whatever you want with me.” Honestly, I am afraid to say that prayer, I am afraid to mean that prayer. I am afraid of what will happen if I say that prayer. Will I have to go to the deserts of Africa? Will God ask me to do something I am not capable of, or worse, that I really don’t want to do? Will something horrible happen?

Does this resonate with anyone?

Of course, when I really examine those fears… I realize they are unwarranted and totally faithless- but they are still there. If I know and search who God really is… I know there is no reasons for my fears. If I have a relationship with him, I know that he will be with me through anything. I like the verse the book references: “Whatever is not from faith is sin.” (Romans 14:23) But these fears- they all point to control issues.

One of the other things this chapter talks about is two different types of women: Dominating and controlling woman, and desolate and vulnerable women. I would have to say that I am as the book says, “some odd combination of both.” What I am finding out the more that I think about both types of woman, is that both of the are trying to control their lives, they just go about it differently. I can certainly point out, and have been the victim of, well, both types in my life. I am one who would admire that a “controlling” woman can get what she wants. I am the desperate woman who has a hard time standing up to people, friends, for fear of losing a relationship, or having someone not like me. So the “controlling” woman in me takes an awful long time to really be herself with anyone. I fear the vulnerability. I think I am starting to grasp the point that being this way, and in connection with my fear of really giving myself over to God is that I am refusing to trust God. Now that I realize that, I can honestly say that I am working on it. I think it will probably be a life long battle, although I would hope that it would not be.

So Lord, today I confess my sin, of refusing to fully trust you with every aspect of my life. I ask for your forgiveness. And because I know that you have already forgiven me, I thank you for it. Help me to fully trust you with everything. Help me be like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego- to bow to no one but you, whether you choose to save me from the fire or not. I love you.



Crazy Week…Crazy Ignorance

Oh my goodness! I am way overdue for a new post. Sorry people. Life is busy, but that is nothing new, it always is. I’ve just been trying to readjust my priorities lately, and so the blog has been moved down on the list (the long, long list.) But not to worry, I’m not giving it up, I just may not be on here as much as in the past. Blogging has kind of become an essential to me, as it has become a much needed outlet for a woman who has a lot of thoughts and things jumbled up in her head that need to come out- and so here I am.

This week is partcularly crazy as we are getting ready for a rather large (5 day!) camping trip this 4th of July weekend. Those of you with munchkins the same age as mine, know what I am talking about–it is really something to plan a camping trip for just a couple adults, but there is so much more to think of and remember when you include the wee ones. Here’s hoping I don’t forget anything. And of course, if I do, at least I’m not going to be in the middle of nowhere so that I couldn’t get something I needed at a store. (However, I’m sure I’m not guaranteed a low price, and that is almost scarier than forgetting something, so I guess I’ve got some good motivation to remember, right?)

All that being said… I didn’t think I wanted to really post about this, but there was this, well, I’m just going to say it…ignorant, yes that is a good word, IGNORANT feminist who wrote an article about today’s stay at home moms, and families and so on. Maybe you have heard, and read this article already. All I have to say is- there is no way this woman has every had a kid or given birth. (Or if she has, I feel so sorry for her child.) She is SO clueless. Errg. Anyways. I might say more on that later. If I feel like it. It’s kind of weird, but sometimes I kind of enjoy hearing something that is SO erroneous that it makes my blood boil. Reminds me that I’m still alive and doing what I love.

Ta ta for now…

Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Two

I really, really love this chapter, it is such a confidence booster for me, and it makes me
feel so important as a woman. I love how this chapter outlines the characteristics of
women as an insight into the character of God.

The artist in me also loves what this chapter had to say about the importance of beauty. I
have always known that beauty and art are important, but I could never explain why. And
this little sentence really clicked for me, “Nature is not primarily functional. Nature is
primarily beautiful.” That so resonates with me. It gives a lot of importance to my role not
only as a woman but as an artist. An artist who is constantly questioning why God gave
her these gifts and what she is supposed to do with them. Unveil beauty. That is what I
am supposed to do with them. That is my primary function as an artist.

This chapter has so much meat in it (at least for me) that I think I need to read it,
everytime I’m questioning what it is to be a woman, or feeling less than confident in my
role as one.

If this study is sounding more and more interesting to you, please feel free to join us- we welcome all newcomers at any time. We only ask that you catch up with us. To join just click on the link below. You can also read other participants responses by clicking on any of the names that follow.


Rock Child

Today, Drew got a new haircut. He wasn’t too excited about getting a haircut at first, but as soon as the word “mowhawk” slipped from our lips, he was all about it. After we buzzed him and I put some glue in it to spike it up, he proudly stood in front of the mirror examining his new do. He loves it. We tried to give Beau one too, but the minute I turned on the clippers he let out a scream that wouldv’e stopped anyone from cutting his hair. So we ditched the haircutting for him (I really want his curls to grow back anyways) and gave him a faux-hawk instead.

Beau's Faux Hawk

Later on we took both the boys to their first movie in a theatre ever! It was fun, but not without it’s problems. With such active boys, almost two hours is just too long to sit in a theatre, you know? But I think at least Drew liked the first half of the movie (we went to see Cars, cute film.) Beau didn’t stop moving from the time we got there, and he bit me twice while nursing… Too much commotion I guess.

The Mowhawk Brothers

Pregger Stuff

Well, after the second ultrasound my lil’ sis and baby are still measuring two weeks ahead, so they moved her due date up to Augaust 21st! So exciting! Nine weeks! Nine weeks will go fast and then there’ll be a little girl in our midst. (Oh yeah, still a girl!)

Oh, and to wrap up the earlier post where I asserted that I thought there was a slight possibility I might be expecting again…I’m not. Sorry! I’m relieved for now…until next month anyways 😉

I will try to get a new photo up of REL’s progression soon, sorry I know it’s been too long!


Well, this week is my vacation- but instead of going somewhere, we’re staying right here in town. It’s a whole lot less expensive. So far, we’ve gone shopping and I got a cute pair of pink Converse All Stars for about 75% off! (See, less expensive!) I’m not sure what we’re doing the rest of the week, we’ve just got a whole lot of fun on the schedule. I’m hoping to take in a movie with Drew, (he’s never been to the theatre before) maybe go on a hike or bikeride, have a date with my hubby, the Farmers Market, maybe take in some things my town has to offer that I haven’t before. I’m hoping to sleep in at least one day. Should be interesting…

What are y’all doin’ for a vacation this summer?