This morning

For a while now, I’ve been very conscious, probably even anxious about how I spend my time. Times is one of those things that once you spend it, it’s gone. We can never go back and relive or do-over a day or moment, so it’s become very important to me that I maximize each moment and live very intentionally. Of course, then there is this thing called life that intervenes and makes decisions for us. At that point, I just have to choose to be content with whatever may be and look at the positive side of things. This morning, was one of those mornings. What I really wanted to do with my time was either a nice sweaty workout, or slip away to my studio and paint what has been in my head for weeks now. But my dear daughter, Selah, has been pining for a few days now to use her new donut maker. And we only had a half day to make that happen. (We are going snowboarding/skiing this afternoon.) So I put all my wants aside and turned my intentions toward my daughter, and I’m not sorry. She is a happy camper this morning, and so is everyone else. (Donuts to go around!)   My only lament is that her recent passion for cooking has coincided with my recent passion for eating a sugar free (Ketogenic) diet- and it is so hard to resist all these goodies when they are just hanging around the house! I may have tasted a donut, or two. Oops! (Side note: if you want your diet to be successful, remove temptations from your home and vision! Ain’t no potato chips here!)  I am now wishing I would’ve taken a few pictures of the mini donuts that took over our home this morning… but alas, that was not to be so. Thankfully, they have all been eaten… and I will probably skip lunch.   

Here is my happy girl and me, though.