Days 4, 5, 6 & 7

I didn’t realize I was that far behind… whoops!

7 Days, Day 4: Mother Daughter
Day 4: Mother Daughter- wherein I realize my daughter actually might look a bit like me… (I still think she takes quite a bit of her looks from my in-laws side of the family, in particular, Kevin’s paternal grandmother.)

7 Days, Day 5: Dinner
Day 5 with a theme: Dinner- this is a rather literal interpretation of the theme this day, with a goofy spin from me. Had to do parent teacher conferences this day, so ended up eating by myself, more or less. And yes… I’ve been accused more than once of drowning my salad with my dressing… (blue cheese!)

Ten Years
Day 6 should have it’s own post really… I think I may just do that…

My Bestie
Day 7: My Bestie. Friday night we had the rare opportunity to meet up with our best friends. I’ve known Mel for 20 years now. I still remember the day she walked into my 5th grade classroom and I thought, “That girl is gonna be my best friend.” Little did we know that ten years later, we’d be related by marriage and our children are related by blood. (Our hubbies are second cousins.)


Day 3: I’m a Chew Toy

Yes indeed.

7 Days, Day 3:  Chew Toy

Going back to the style discussion in my last post; sometimes it is definitely “my style” to go without makeup. I don’t particularly mind if I’m seen without it, but I definitely don’t like pictures of myself without it. So yesterday, yes, you guessed it, I wasn’t wearing any makeup and didn’t feel like putting any on just to take a shot. Plus, Rory is super cute, and always a welcome sight… so here’s an aspect of myself that I don’t often think about showcasing… being a human teether. Also- proof that my four month old really is teething.

Day 2: Style

7 Days, Day 2: Skate Mama Style

Day 2 of 7 Days had a theme: Style. This brought up a lot of questions in my head, and I’ve been thinking about it off and on for a few days. What exactly is style? Does everybody posses It? Is there a difference between Style (with a capital ‘S’) and “a style”? Why and how do things go in and out of style? What do you think?
I don’t know that I’m very stylish, but I’d say that I have “a style”. Most of the time it’s just simple, well fitting clothes that are comfy and I probably bought at a bargain price. I’m pretty practical when it comes to things like that. I do tend to be a bit on the sporty side I guess. And I’m talking beach girl, skater-betty, snowboard chick style, and that’s where my hot pink skull Vans come out of. You may not agree with me, but sometimes style and comfort do come together.
As an aside, my feminine style is something I’ve been consciously working on lately. Just as an attempt to feel good about what I’m wearing, a tangible way to lift my spirits and gain a little confidence. (Also, my hubby kinda likes it when I look hawt!) I actually bought a pair of peep-toe stilettos last week to wear with my skinny jeans! Ack. I like ’em, but I’m baffled as to who can actually walk in and wear those things all day!

The 7 Days Group is at it Again

7 Days, Day 1:  Spring!

For those of you who don’t know, or need your memory refreshed, 7 Days is a group of photographers (from amateurs, like myself, to professionals) who all get together for one designated week every season and take self portraits and add them to a group pool on Flickr. Then we all check out each others work, make comments and enjoy each others online company for a week. It’s great for seeing some really amazing creativity, for finding inspiration, for pushing yourself to perform (to be on time, to deliver quality, to be creative, to stick-to-it.)

This is my first entry for the week, which started yesterday, on the first official day of spring. My parents came down to visit for the day and we took a nice little walk around the neighborhood, which is where I decided to take my pic. I guess my unofficial goal for this round is to get out of the house more and show some of the beautiful area in which I live. (Those of you who live here know exactly what I’m talking about!)

I Recommend…

Rory in Her new Pop-a-Tot

I got this activity center for Rory a little while back, and think it is the greatest thing! It folds up just like one of those canvas chairs you take camping or to the beach with you, and it’s only 8 lbs. It has spots to attach toys, and put a drink or snack (when she’s a little older.) And for all the options that I think trump the other options out there, it’s about half the price! You can check it out for yourself here. I ordered straight from the owners, and they’re quality people, super accommodating and all about customer service.

Also… something about her expression here reminds me of my hubby’s cousin, Adam. (Which I know means nothing to some of you… sorry bout that!)

Miss Rory Grace

One of my recent favorites. Sporting a hat (that was actually made for Selah) by Miss Allison, no less.

Serious Face
Rory has got quite the mop of hair and it’s getting bigger and bigger. It also seems to be red. I say “seems to be” because in some lights it still looks light brown-ish, but in natural light, and especially the sunlight, it looks Quite red, and the more that comes in, the more you can see it. You can kind of see it in this pic (at least you can on my monitor.)
This is also one of her more serious moments. This girl is mostly smiles and sunshine when she is awake. (Seriously!)

Nursing Before Bedtime
Nursing before bedtime. This is my snuggle time with Rory and one of my favorite times of the day.

Rory's Profile
With her finger in her mouth. She is constantly chewing on her fingers, and her shirts have begun to be perpetually soaked with slobber. Yes… all of my children have been early teethers… oh well.

Chewing on her Fingers
And again with the fingers… (Oh, and the red hair! Can you see it?)

And I leave you with this adorable one. She was completely asleep, and somehow her hand ended up here in this funny position. Have your young babies ever done something like that?

Not An Apology

Okay… so I was going to start this post with another apology (for possibly being boring or something like that…) and I realized that I’ve been apologizing for my behavior a lot lately, when I really don’t need to be. It comes from my “people-pleaser” nature. I don’t want to disappoint, annoy, or make anyone mad (and since I can’t possibly be that perfect ALL the time) I apologize a lot to try and smooth things over, even when I really haven’t done anything wrong. In other words… I’m trying to move away from the parts of my people pleasing nature that become stumbling blocks and prevent me from doing the things I really want to do or being the person I really am.
The funny thing about this post, is that it is still in it’s way an apology, or maybe just an announcement. “HEY, I’M GOING TO STOP APOLOGIZING FOR BEING WHO I AM!” I just felt like it needed to be written for whatever reason. Maybe someone needed to hear it. Maybe I just needed to see it written out. Okay… now on to bigger and better things.