Dust On My Furniture

30 Tiny Moments 17/30:  New Window

Here’s the new window in the wall. I know you can’t see the window itself very well, but isn’t that the point? What you can see is the beautiful apple tree in blossom outside. Inside, my living room has now been transformed into a light and airy sanctuary. I will take pictures of that once all the details are finished because there’s still a bit of a construction site there now.

Tonight my hubby and I are going on a date (thanks to my wonderful MIL and BIL!) I realized we haven’t really been on one since our anniversary over a month ago! Too long I tell you.
Hope y’all have great weekends.


Vacuuming the Grass

30 Tiny Moments 16/30: Broken Windows
This big puppy was supposed to be our new view to the outside world from our living room. However the wind had different plans. It was swept off it’s feet and broken not two minutes after our carpenter finished cutting the hole in our wall for it.
Hole in my House Go figure. I was sitting in our play room nursing a migraine when I heard a Whoosh! Boom! and however you describe the sound of breaking glass.
We’ve had a boarded up hole in our wall now for two nights, but I believe the wait is over and we’ll have a new window in tomorrow. Yay. I’m so excited for some light in our house!

Tiny Moments 9 and 10, Plus a Whole Lot More

30 Tiny Moments 9/30: Papa D and Selah
Selah and her grandpa. She has recently been exhibiting stranger anxiety, so we were a little worried that she might do that with him, but there was no such thing. She warmed right up to him, and even fell asleep on him.

30 Tiny Moments 10/30:  Cool Dude
Beau playing with my sunglasses on the way back home. It was the only picture I got for this day, but it works. I think he acquired the scratch on his cheek from Drew while they were fighting over the blanket to the bed they were sharing this last weekend…

Goin' for an Adventure

Here’s a couple from our short little excursion out into the desert with everybody. The road started to get a little “hairy” there (meaning, we may have had to switch it into 4-wheel drive soon), and we seemed to be going in and out of private land, so we turned around and went back. It was fun to see how the terrain changes so quickly.

Drew, Beau and their grandpa playing catch on the back lawn of the hotel. It was such nice weather out there!

Crashed Out
Selah, graciously taking a nap on the day after we got there. I wasn’t sure she was going to grant us with any breaks while we were there, but she did really well, and I was thankful.

Back Home

Hello all, I’m back from my little vacation and will have some pictures to share soon. We had a nice little four days in the sunshine with family and friends. We hung out with Kev’s Dad and Step-mom for the first two days, going to parks, taking an adventuresome drive, shopping a bit, and of course eating! The third day, the kids and I bombarded my bff and her kiddos and we all became pool rats for a day, while the hubby’s attended a “techie” conference. The pool was definitely a new experience for me with all three kiddos. At first, I ended up with all three kids attached to me in various flotation devices- then we got wise and figured a few things out, and Drew became quite the waterbug that day. It was a lot of fun to see him really enjoy the pool like that. All the pics from that day are in my bff’s camera- I’ll have to see if I can get some of those from her! (Though, I’m not sure I’m ready to make my debut on here in a swimsuit…) We headed home for the six hour drive yesterday, which was pleasant enough, save for the fact I had a bit of headache that seemed to stem from my eyes. Maybe it’s time to get them checked or just pony up the cash for some decent shades…
That being said, I’m back again with mounds of laundry to attend to, menus to plan, checkbooks to balance, groceries to be bought and toilets to be scrubbed. But I’m here, on the internet talking to all you invisible folk out there instead. 🙂 And I’ll be back later with pics!

Recent Tiny Moments

30 Tiny Moments 6/30: Determined

This was from Thursday. In the midst of my running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, I was able to capture Selah, here, trying to help me with all of the laundry. She has been pulling herself up on anything she can lately and trying to get to all sorts of stuff. It’s fun watching her learn and grow so much. She is one determined girly.

30  Tiny Moments 7/30: Sunny Green Eyes

This is the evening sun hitting Beau’s face on our way out of town on Friday. I just love how the sun really lit up the color of his eyes. We headed out to the desert to hang out with Kev’s dad and step-mom this weekend. After such a long cold and dreary winter, the sun has been sooooo nice!

30 Tiny Moments 8/30: Contemplating

My mother and sister discovered a few weeks ago, that if you put Selah on a blanket in the grass, she’ll crawl all over the blanket, but never off it. She does not like the feel of grass and will avoid it all costs. Kind of funny, and for now I’m enjoying that fact. We’ve had several hours of just chilling on the blankets here together. I love the contemplative look here, pondering something (probably escape) with her finger in her mouth.

Kevin is Trying to Eat my Head

This idea and execution of a “tiny” moment has been brought to you by Kevin’s dad, the “tiny” part is my head. I thought this was pretty funny….hee hee hee…

Wednesday’s Tiny Moment

30 Tiny Moments 5/30: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Well…lets see here-this is chocolate chip cookie dough, need I say anything else?

On to other news, about our schools of choice here. I am going to call the first “NE school” for the sake of discussion, and the second I am going to call “CA school”. We are on the waiting list at CA school, because I completely missed their lottery, which took place in February. I did catch the lottery process at NE school and just heard from them yesterday. Drew is 7th on the wait list there. So that now leaves us…still in limbo. I am really hoping that someone will vacate their spot at CA school in particular (they have a classical and core knowledge curriculum that I really like.) Otherwise, the regular schools we have close to us are pretty good, but I still intend on at least observing at both of them before I decide which one to send Drew to, should he not be offered a spot at NE and CA schools. Ha ha…I hope that made any sense to you- if not, oh well…please advance to the next subject.

Beau has been breathing much better at night! Yay! I thought he might after taking the antibiotics for the strep, and praise the Lord, he is. So, crises averted there.

And, for the really exciting news, my little(est) sister, Ariel, is pregnant, again! This will be her and her hubby’s second child, and apparently she is due on December 24th! Should be a really exciting Christmas season this year. So, all I have to say is, Hannah, you’ve got a lot of ground to make up! ha ha…just kidding.

Tuesday’s Tiny Moment

30 Tiny Moments 4/30:  "This is Tiny!"

My mom stayed with us last night, and we ran out real quick (if that is even possible) with all the kids to Wal-Mart and then got some tasty chicken wings to eat on the way home. (Yes, I’m fully aware this violates a lot of my eating and shopping resolutions as of late…but anyways…) I got my camera out to take a shot of us enjoying the chicken wings, and mom asked if this was for my “tiny moments” thing on my blog. Yes, I said, and then she held up the chicken wing and pointed and said, “THIS is tiny!” And, behold…this is the photographic evidence. You can thank me later. Yes, those are her real glasses, and the lenses were prescribed to her by a behavioral ophthalmologist, to even out her vision and give her a sense of general well being. She truly is looking at the world through rose colored glasses.
Beau is seen here arranging his cheese-its in neat little rows…