Drew Quotes

Today, Kevin and I were discussing whether or not to sign Drew up for youth soccer.  So we asked Drew how he felt about it.

“I want to play soccer… but… I’m not so sure it’s a good idea, because one of those guys might kick a ball and it could fly and hit me in the nuts.”



Well, it’s Monday again. Granted, the rest of the world US has the day off, I do not, but that is the bargain you take when you become a mom. Anyways…I’m feeling ambitious this morning in spite of it all. In the interest of becoming more healthy, my hubby and I are looking at just taking that extra step and going vegetarian. My husband wants to go vegan, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet (or ever.) I still like me some cheese, milk, eggs and BUTTER. (Yes, I’m aware that those are all full of saturated fat.) Plus, it’s difficult enough planning meals every week (especially for the kids) that are healthy with meat, it’s going to be a little bit more difficult to eliminate the meat (we pretty much only eat fish and poultry) and I don’t need the added difficulty of trying to figure out how to do my recipes without eggs, milk, cheese or butter… yet, anyways.
So this week, I will be educating myself about getting all the necessary nutrition whilst being a vegetarian. I will probably be sharing my findings here.

Also…last week, I looked up some info on MSG, just to educate myself on what it is, and why it’s bad for you, and boy did I find a scary article! Plus, I am shocked at how much of our food has some form of MSG in it. If you’re interested in the topic, I also recommend looking it up here, and click on the glutamic acid links and so forth. That way you can get a fairly good understanding of what it is. Anyways…all that to say, I’m trying to eliminate most of the free glutamic acids as possible from our diet.
Also, one of my goals for the week is to re-do my address system. I got some index cards and a box, and will be writing down all my contacts on index cards and organizing them alphabetically. (A bit cheaper than a Rolodex, too.) This way, I can also take all the business cards Kevin gets and organize them into our address system too.
Wednesday, both Drew and Selah have a well-child visit together, and my mom is going to be here to help out with that. (Thank goodness! I hate going to those on my own!) Then she is going to stay and hang out for the day and we’ll go play with some clay later on that night.
Friday, Kevin has a gig here in town, which I probably will be staying at home with the kids for.
And now I’m off to balance my checkbook, and the weight of the world didn’t I tell you I was being ambitious?

Brain Wanderings

It’s a lazy, bright and sunny Saturday. It’s just after 2 and I’m still in my pajamas. Kevin is drumming downstairs, and I’m muffling it out upstairs with a mellow Pandora station. I just rocked Selah to sleep. The boys are actually playing quietly in Kev’s studio. (It’s probably a huge mess down there too!)

One of my lymph nodes is swollen and hurts like hell. But everything else on me is fine. I have energy, I can walk around and be just fine. Just a little thorn in my side I guess. Who knows? I’m trying not to obsess about it, since I tend to become a bit of hypochondriac at times. Anyways…

I’m working on knitting a scarf for my hubby lately. I’m not a very committed knitter, (sorry, Allison!) point in case, I’ve been working on a hat for Selah since before she was born, and she will be six months old on the 21st. I have currently abandoned that project, and there is one more abandoned project in my knitting bag. Sometimes it just takes some new inspiration to get you jump started, and Kevin has really been wanting a preppy looking striped scarf- so off I go. Maybe I’ll be done in time to give it to him for Valentine’s Day. (And he can give me a Barne’s and Noble gift card, so I can drink my Starbucks coffee on knitting night…just sayin’)

I need to get my hair trimmed. It’s getting long and split-ended. Though, I did just re-dye it dark, dark brown again the other weekend, and that looks decent, I guess.

I’m wondering when on earth I’m going to get to see my sister, Hannah again. Haven’t seen her since August, and I miss her lots.

Drew is turning five in about two weeks here. I am no longer shopping in the toddler section for clothes for him. I can’t believe how big he is getting. How many times will I say that until he is an adult?

Do you ever wonder what you would do if you finished all your projects? Like, everything…any project you ever wanted to do. Done. What would you do? Maybe that’s a depressing thought. I don’t know.

Driving Lessons

A friend posted recently that she was going to have to learn how to drive a standard, and it reminded me about my experience learning to drive. The only cars we had when I was learning to drive were standards, so I had no choice. My parents house is fairly close to a reservoir. So my first lesson in driving, my mom took me up there in our sporty little red ’89 Nissan Sentra (complete with moon roof.) She pulled into the little peninsula there, and got out, instructing me to get into the driver’s seat. Now let me stress here, that this was a peninsula, meaning surrounded on three sides by the reservoir. We went over the driving instructions again, turn on the car, check, keep your foot on the break, check, push in the clutch, check, shift…you know the way it goes (I’m not sure if I still do, I’ve been driving an automatic for too long now!) Then my mom says to me in her sarcastic but serious manner, “Don’t screw up, or we’ll be in the lake.” Way to hold off on the pressure, Mom! Thankfully, we didn’t go swimming that day. I think I stalled at the tip of the peninsula, but recovered and drove the rest of the way home. My mom and I had many an argument while she was teaching me to drive. I always liked to drive with my dad. He wasn’t nearly as excitable as my mom, except for the time I backed his truck into a ditch. Usually though, he’d pick me up from my job on his way home from work, and let me drive all the way home, while he fell asleep in the passenger seat. That was my preferred method of learning to drive.


Kev and I are constantly adjusting and tweaking our views on a great many things. This happens as you grow older, experience more, see more, learn more, and gather more information. So our new word, when we venture out and actually talk about our views on a great many things (which Kevin is infinitely better at doing than I), is ‘currently.’ Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned pretty well, it’s that things change, people change, we change. So ‘currently’, this is where we’re at. I expect, however, that ‘currently’ will be a word that we’ll always be using, because neither one of us wants to stop growing, changing or becoming better. So I hope ‘currently’ is a word that I’ll always find in my vocabulary, and I hope that other people will embrace it too, or at least venture to understand what ‘currently’ means.

And with that little explanation, I give you my current New Years Goals:

-Spend more time studying and understanding the Bible (it’d be really cool if I could finally meet my desire to actually have read the whole thing through!)
-Do a lot more artwork, paint, draw, collage, pottery and whatever ‘currently’ catches my attention
-Knit a Christmas stocking for all five members of my family
-Spend more quality time with my children
-Yell less
-Worry less
-Trust God more
-Be content
-Be a better financial manager
-Cook more and more new things
-Eat healthier
-Live healthier
-Exercise more
-Be more positive
-Be a happy person
-Grow a garden
-Make my house more homey (hang up pictures, decorate…etc…)
-Travel more (this is obviously a cost-prohibitive activity, but still…it remains a desire)
-Live a little more green
-Be as funny as I can be
-Be a better communicator

So these are my ‘current’ new years goals. And as ‘current’ implies, they are subject to change, deletion, and addition. (Whatever that means!)

It’s Snowing!

It’s really coming down today, which means the sled runs will be fresh and fun! We have been sledding up on the hill right out my parents back door…maybe we’ll have to go up again this weekend.
Here’s our sledding photos from New Years day.

Speeding Drew

Gramma and Selah Sitting in the Cold
Gramma Summer held Selah so I could have some fun, they just bundled up in some blankets and sat back and watched the rest of us rip…

There they Go!
Photo taken by our friend Steve Reed, this is Papa Alan and the boys in “the boat” sled.

Mom and Dad's Turn
Photo also by Steve Reed, Kev and I taking a run together. We just about mowed down some good sized bushes.

Little Shredder
Beau was very interested in snowboarding. We’re going to have to find a set up that works for him.

Click on any of the photos to see the rest of the set.

Looking Back at 2007

Then we look forward…(and hopefully make better decisions, or whatever.)

-Somebody thought I was 35!
-I was steamed about the many door to door religious advertisers that darkened my doorstep
-We went sledding
-I took a picture of Beau asleep
Sleeping Upright ...

-Wondering about the sex of the baby
-Having conversations with Drew about the baby
-Pondering about pottery
-Had NO cavities…woohoo
-Bragged about sewing a jawa outfit (that Beau refused to wear…and lets be honest here, really wasn’t that spectacular)
-Drew turned four and I reviewed my parenting skills
…and Drew asked me why pee was yellow…

-Drew spilled a lot of Legos on the floor
-Drew made a pretty cute storm trooper
-I had quite the experience getting an EKG
-I had to take some horse pills
-I took a picture of Beau asleep on his sippy cup

-Belly photo…
-Conjuring up support for my mom and the MS walk
-Learned the consequences (and/or benefits) of teaching kids the proper names for their private parts
-Found out we were having a perfectly healthy baby GIRL!

-Baby pictures of Beau, including several of him sleeping
Conked Out Pot Belly
Baby Beau 2005

-Beau turned 2
-Had a lovely bout of food poisoning
-I was so busy I couldn’t think straight
-Kevin and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary
-Found out that Drew really does like me
-Painted a portrait of Beau
-More belly photos
-Took yet another sleeping picture of Beau (I didn’t realize I did that so much!)
Close up and Cute
-I participated in 7 Days

-Kevin and I contemplated moving
-Drew developed a sense of humor
-I discovered the benefits of using a sexy voice…(not really)
-We celebrated Easter
-It snowed
-Grappled with depression and wonky pregnancy emotions
-My Mom switched MS medications after learning her current one wasn’t working
-Saw the beginnings of Beau’s potty training (funny, I still feel like we’re at the beginning.)
-Participated in a pretty successful MS Walk
-Took anther photo of Beau sleeping…not in the forground…but definitely asleep
Talking with Her Hands

-Went on a sunny desert vacation and had lots of fun, and a speeding ticket…
-Belly photo
-Drew made a Papa Alan Mr. Potato Head
-I was interviewed
-We raised over $2000 for the MS Walk
-Paid tribute to all the mothers in my life
-One word: Heartburn. Need I say anymore?
-Drew attempted to give himself a makeover
-Drew blamed his own poopy pants on Honor
-Attended my SIL’s high school graduation
-Moved the boys into the same room
-Dated my husband
-Apparently I didn’t take a photo of Beau sleeping this month…at least not one that I uploaded to Flickr…

-Drew thought a big mole on my shoulder was a bug
-Belly photos
-Had another ultrasound, which led to me pondering about becoming and ultrasound tech
-Kevin participated in a Battle of the Bands
-Beau threw his sippy cup at Drew, giving him a good gash in his noggin
-Kevin verbally established that he puts his family before church, bless him for that
-Took yet another photo of a sleeping Beau

-My grandma thought I looked large enough to be carrying twins…
-I got neurotic about the impending birth
-My BIL stayed with us
-We had 90 degree weather, and Drew still wanted to wear winter clothes
-My feet began to swell
-I knitted some stuff
-Folded a lot of tiny pink clothing

-Went on a date with Drew
-Worried about Beau being a middle child
-Had baby corn removed from Beau’s ear
-Drew peed on Beau
-I almost drank an earwig
-We got Ted, our Beta fish
-More belly photos
-Yet another shot of Beau sleeping
Sleeping in the Crevice

-I participated in 7 Days
-The boys jumped on the trampoline
-A friend told me to blow on my thumb to get the baby out
-My friends threw me a super fun baby shower
-We welcomed Selah Summer Ann into the world, the day after she was due
-I went to the mall 6 days after she was born: it was NOT fun, or productive, unless we’re talking about breastmilk

-Kevin finally started a blog
-We took two week old Selah, and the boys of course, to California for a family reunion…and Selah slept

-Met fellow blogger, Heather, while we were in California
-I shared Selah’s birth story along with some pictures
-Drew wondered if butter came from butterflies

-I severely neglected my blog in order to read the Harry Potter series
-Beau attempted to help Kevin play the drums, right in the middle of one of his shows
-Kev and I took lots of pictures, this time with ones of me and Selah sleeping

-Selah started teething at nine weeks
-Selah showed the world her big blue eyes

-I participated in 7 Days
-Drew and Beau played telephone with pieces of bread
-A tank carrying the odor they add to natural gas was hit, making our whole valley smell grrreat!
-I got stung by a wasp, twice.
-I struggled with finding the new normal as a parent of three
-Selah turned three months old
-The boys got a bunk bed
-I thought about changing the title to my blog
-I struggled with our finances
-Photo of Beau asleep as Captain Hook
Captain Hook Taking a Snooze

-Selah helped me do some laundry
-Zoe’s Birthday Photos
-We all came down with and subsequently conquered “the crud”
-Drew educated us on the color of tongues
-I experienced the “Vortex” for the millionth time, but wrote about it for the first
-Selah decided to wake up for two hours at four in the morning a couple of times
-I went grocery shopping with all three kids, thereby, conquering my current Mount Everest
-Viking mommy
-Photos of Selah asleep

-I had some new thoughts about Thanksgiving
-We celebrated Thanksgiving with Ariel’s in-laws
-I really missed Kevin, even though he was just in our basement

-More photos to counter-act my glum-ness
-Photo of Beau asleep under the Christmas tree

-Selah did a pretty good impersonation of Elton John
-Kevin and I finally had a good fight and worked everything out
-Beau gave himself a pretty good shiner
-Drew pondered marriage
-Beau started talking up a storm, and making poop paintings ( just a wee exaggeration)
-Selah finally sprouted her first two teeth
-We celebrated Christmas at our house, and succeeded in making and cleaning up a huge mess

It’s January 8, and I still have to take down my Christmas tree. 🙂