The Answers to All Your Questions

Sorry this wasn’t up yesterday, my internet crapped out on me… So let the answers begin…
and btw, if you still have questions for me, I’m all answers, ask away! I’ll add the answers to this post.


If you had all the money you could ever use in a lifetime… what would you do with it first, second and third.
My answer: Okay, so first, honestly at this point in time in my life, I would go out and buy a digital camera for myself. A really nice one. I have been wanting/needing one now for a long time! Second, I would probably pay off our house as well as the homes of my family members. And third, I would probably finally slow down and think about what the best options for using that money is and I’m sure I would probably completely fund a ministry that I really believe in.

Another from Jillybean- I already thought of another one…
Why do you and all my friends eat YEAST on their popcorn??? I guess I need to try it.
My answer: Okay, so let me clarify here: I eat what is called good tasting Nutritional yeast on my popcorn. This is not the yeast that makes your bread rise. I grew up eating yeast on my popcorn and I really like the flavor. Nutritional yeast also has some added health benefits like being loaded with vitamin B and is actually pretty good for you. You can read more about it here.


What do you mean yeast on your popcorn? Have you ever cussed at your husband? Ever? To his face of course. I have to admit, I have on a few occasions after I had Gianna and he wanted the house a certain way. I just snapped, all the hormones. Now he understands it may not be wise for him to answer,” It’s not my job” When I ask him to throw in a load of laundry :0) He was just learning and his mom spoiled his butt.
My answer: Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I believe that I have cussed at my hubby to his face before. I don’t think I’ve ever called him a name, but I’m pretty sure I’ve said, “That’s a crock of s@#$ and you know it!” Actually, what’s worse than that is that once after we were just married, you know the first year, working out the kinks, I got so mad that I threw an entire plate of spaghetti on the floor. Yeah, spaghetti went everywhere, put a slice in the linoleum and broke the plate. I stormed off crying and went and sat in my car. Neither Kevin or myself remembers what we were arguing about, we just remember the flying spaghetti…


What is your favorite way you’ve ever had your hair?

I have to say that I really loved the color you had for your wedding. And for those who don’t know Sarah, she’s had her hair A LOT of ways. More than me even.

My answer: Hmmm, my favorite hairstyle would have to be when my hair looked like this: The dye job that is…

Little Miss

oooh, pretendingsanity, sounds like Sarah is a lot like me w/ the hairstyles. I can’t ever make up my mind!

how about this:
what’s your explanation for Daylight Savings Time?

My answer: well I think Daylight Savings Time was invented by “the Man” just to keep all you people with paying jobs at work longer…but since my opinion doesn’t count, here’s a more accurate explanation.


There is no Such Thing as a Stupid Question, I Hope…

So for the weekend, I am going to steal and idea from my good buddy Allie

. Ask me a question, any question (however,I reserve the right to answer goofy questions with an equally appropriate answer) I will post the questions and answers right here. My challenge to you: Make me think!

Things I am Thankful for..

1. My hubby-you know, he’s just so awesome that there’s no way I could begin to explain the depths of how thankful I am for him, I’d have to write a flippin’ novel. If you really want to know here’s the tip of the iceberg.

2. My parents- two people who are the best example of marriage, not just any old marriage, a totally Hot, burnin love marriage- still- after 27 years. My mom, who will always be one of my best friends, for a myriad different reasons, and my Dad who is the best and only example I have found of what I think Jesus must have been like. Yeah, they really are that cool.
3. My sisters-yeah, I’d have to write a book about you two as well. Can’t believe how close we have gotten over the years, and I’m so proud of both you. I love you so much.
4. My friends, who are like family to me anyways. Yes the people we neglect for two years, who welcome us back with open arms and are there to help sooth our wounds. I love you guys.
5. The five minutes my husband takes Beau so I can actually take a dump by myself!
6. My pottery class-what feels like two minutes, but is really two hours of blissful right-brained FREEEEEEDOM!
7. My Mom- who is only too happy to come take my children off my hands for a little while and doesn’t consider it drudgery.
8. A roof over my head-especially when many people’s roofs have been blown off…
9. My kids-especially when they are cute, which means they are asleep.
10. Music- there are so many times in my life where things wouldn’t have seemed near as cool without the perfect theme song.
11. My big fugly Suburban.
12. FOOD! I was preoccupied through my whole pottery class tonight because I hadn’t eaten…sad… I know.
13. All three of my awesome brother-in-laws. When I imagined what having a brother would be like, I never got to how cool these guys are.
14. Chiropractors.
15. Midwives. Thank God there is an alternative to OBGYNs (not that I have anything against anyone who is one or uses one…I just prefer a more natural approach.)
16. Guitars. I love it when my dad plays, and even when my hubby plays the same song over and over until he’s got it perfectly and it is now stuck in my head.
17. That I live in America. Sometimes I really wonder how and why I am so blessed to live in the freest place in the world.
18. My extended family. I didn’t know they could be this good. Honestly, extended family was not something I thought about before I married- and I really feel like I lucked out in that area.
19. Art. Thank you God for an outlet that I truly believe is after your own heart.
20. This Blog. Yet another outlet that has affected my life in ways I never would have imagined.

This, That and Too Many Links in My Post, but You Should At Least Check Out the Slideshow

Overheard today in our household: (okay, so this was said directly to me..)
Drew: “Momma, are you done feeding Beau?”
Me: “Yes, Beau is done eating.”
Drew: “Are you gonna put Beau away?”

So we had a lot of fun at the Fiesta Blevinza Saturday. It was really interesting meeting a fellow “mommy blogger” Elaine. She was super nice and has the cutest little daughter you’ve ever seen. Allison took some great pics- you’ll have to go check out her slideshow.

Welcome to the Family!!!

Congrats to my cousins Joel and Erin on the birth of their new baby girl Lily Joy! I’m glad somebody finally had a girl! She is beautiful! I can’t wait to meet her and I hope I don’t have to wait for two more years!

My Date with Clay

So tonight I actually got to take some much needed time for myself and go to a pottery class. Yay! I was so excited about it, but I was nervous at the same time. I haven’t thrown (for all you non-“pottery geeks” throwing is what it’s called when you make a pot on the wheel), so anyways, I haven’t thrown for over three years-since I was pregnant with Drew. I was a little worried I’d lost my groove, but no I STILL got it! I can still throw and I don’t believe I’ve gotten any worse (not that I was that good to begin with, but…) Actually I think that my “years of experience as a mom” ha! yes, all three of them are going to help me out here with the pottery. I discovered tonight that I am much more patient with the clay and not as likely to push it too far, which results in less pots flying off the wheel. So my goal is to actually make an entire set of stoneware. I have always wanted a funky custom set for myself that I made. Every time I see some cool bowls or plates and I’m tempted to buy them, I just think “I can’t buy that when I could make one!” So anyways- I’m a doin’ it, and having fun. I’m also taking orders- so if you want a honey jar or a set of mugs, or one special mug or a bowl or a teapot, let me know. I’ll quote you a price and we’ll go from there.
Yay for pottery!

Perma-Guilt Moms

So here is the daily email I got today from MOMsense, part of the MOPs groups if you know what that is. It’s only too appropriate after my post from yesterday…

“Perma-Guilt Moms
Feigning total confidence as a mom, loses its luster real quick. Can fessing up to guilt help us shine and be real?
Real moms feel guilty. All the time! This condition of constant guilt seems to have two components. Dealing with guilt begins when we understand these components. First, there’s the responsibility part. Moms feel responsible for the ENTIRE WORLD of their child. From the second they’re conceived to their eventual exodus off to college or down the aisle or into a new apartment, the tasks of child-creating, child-rearing, and child-raising are assumed to be hers.

Moms see themselves as responsible for everything from what their children eat to what they wear to how they act. Then there’s homework and manners and teeth flossing, and the list goes on. The sense of responsibility is the first burden of the Perma-Guilt Mom.

What’s the second part? Well, then there’s the ability. And here’s where the problem really hits the fan. If a mom is responsible for the ENTIRE WORLD of her child, then she’s bound to face a very normal feeling that she lacks the ability to accomplish or successfully follow through on all those responsibilities. Who could? One counselor suggests that “guilt is the result of feeling responsible for something but not skilled enough to accomplish the requirements.” Bingo. Not rocket science here. Moms feel like they have total responsibility but not total ability. That equals GUILT! Perma Guilt!

Mom, you are the one God chose for your child. If He thinks you’re the perfect fit, then you should too! That’s why I want you to get a printed copy of today’s MOMSense. Visit our web site at and download the free transcript of today’s MOMSense. Stick it in your Bible or on the fridge.”