Sermon on the Mount Everest…

Yesterday went much better after I posted that little bit. Sometimes it’s humorous what God allows to happen to drop you a hint to hand over the reigns. I decided it would be nice for us all to get out of the house yesterday, especially after being all cooped up last week. So we met up with Ariel and Zoe and did what is quicky becoming the weekly trip to the mall. Namely the mall play-place. I’m telling you, if the outdoor parks would just put cushions on their benches, that’s where we’d be hangin’ out!
Today I accomplished a feat that I regarded something like climbing Mount Everest: I went grocery shopping with all three kids, no help. It went so well, I’m still not sure it actually happened. But the groceries in my fridge kind of make it undeniable. Still, it’s not something I plan on doing very often, but it’s nice to know that it can be done. (And that we’ll get to eat this week.)
Also, Selah actually slept through the night last night. Well, technically anyway…she wakes up to nurse still, but she didn’t wake up at four and start babbling or crying for two hours.
And we are gearing up for yet another busy weekend, is it ever going to stop?


3 thoughts on “Sermon on the Mount Everest…

  1. As far as I remember things started to get better and I felt like having three was nothing and that is why we went for number 4 and now I remember feeling the way you do with number 3 because I am feeling the same way with the 4 of them but I am hoping that it will get easier as it did after the 3rd. I hope that just made sense!

  2. Good for you – I do all my shopping with 3 kids now and it’s no big deal. Of course I’d rather do it without them but it does get easier. When Xman was as young as Selah, Isaac went with me every time! It is a big handful but it gets easier.

  3. Yep, that’s when I started shopping at stores with full service carry outs!
    It’s hard to do a sack and save style shopping trip with two or more preschoolers.
    Managable adventures are great. Congrats on your success.

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