I’ve had a few (paying!) commissions for pottery as of late. Even though, I’m still not as fast as I’d like to be, I’m pleased with the fact that I’ve been able to buckle down and create some good work. And I think (as long as the firing process, which I have no control over, doesn’t hold me up) that they’ll be completed soon.
On the roster: a set of soup mug/bowls, whatever you’d like to call them, and a countertop utensil holder, as well as a dish to hold “leaky” salt and pepper mills.

Utensil Holder
Utensil holder in the raw.

The whole collection of soup mugs and the utensil holder.

Soup Bowls
Bowl/mugs, raw. Currently, they have all been trimmed, signed and had handles attached, and are awaiting a good bisque firing.

Salt and pepper mill holder, raw.
Raw salt and pepper mill holder. This was hand built, rather than spun on the wheel. I’ve been making a lot of things without any tools other than my hands lately, and enjoying the organic look of the things.


Drew Turns 9!

(Photo by Summer Weisel)

This year for Drew’s birthday we took it easy to try and preserve my sanity. (I know what you’re thinking. “Too late!” haha.) We let him have a small outing with one of his friends, and then we had a low key little party with family. All but one of the pictures you see in this post have been taken by Kevin or my mom, because, you know, I busy “not stressing”.

Taking responsibility for his own happiness, (since I was not supplying the thrills and chills) Drew came up with a few of his own fun things for his party.

Who's in the Box?
He decided he’d open a really big present, and he’d put it in this box.

Surprise! He IS the present. Hahaha. He was so very much excited about this. You can see it on his face.

Can't Tell these two are Related
Drew and his cousin, Zoe. They don’t look related at all, do they? (That’s sarcasm, in case it doesn’t translate over the print.)

Then he opened some presents, which were mainly just cards, because my family had all pitched in so Drew could get the big Lego set that he really wanted.

Handsome Grandpa O
Drew’s handsome great grandpa…

Watching Drew open his cards.

Selah Doesn't want her Picture Taken
Selah doesn’t like having her picture taken. Hee hee.

Rory and Gramma B
Rory loves her great grandma Bunny, and especially likes to play with Gigi’s walker.

Dad and Ariel
A fantastic shot of my dad and sister. I might have to frame this one.

Kevin took the opportunity to share some photography tips with my mom, who just recently got a nice new Canon, and is working on improving her shooting skills.


And of course, there was birthday cake. Drew took initiative again, and selected two of his own Lego figures to be toppers this time. Unfortunately, I messed with the frosting a little too much, and though it tasted fine, it had the texture of slime, which is kinda hard to swallow. Whoops! (Can’t be perfect every time.)

The Countdown
Blow Out!

(Photo by Summer Weisel)
See, NOT STRESSED! Haha. (Yeah, right.)

Drew's Big Lego Set We had to order Drew’s set online, and here he is when it arrived several days later. I take no responsibility for the goofy smile.

I’ve been sitting here looking at blogs this morning, thinking “I NEED TO WRITE! AHHHH!” Once again, it’s been too long. Honestly, I did start a post in the last 2 weeks to check in with you all. It was entitled, “The Vomit Apocalypse.” I decided you didn’t really need to know all about that. The title is plenty descriptive.

Things have just been busy and changing around here again, and we are all settling in, and getting used to our new schedules, hence I haven’t had time to collect my thoughts and put them into an intelligent post for you to read. I hope I’m able to remember all of the topics I wanted to write about and at some point sit down and get it all out. My recall function has never quite recovered. I blame my four children. 😀

Here’s a few of the photos I managed to take, which wasn’t much, but better than nothing at all!

Book Terrorizer
The reason why we don’t ever get books from the library…

See Mom?
I regret to inform you that a book was harmed before the making of this photograph.

Chicken Tikka Masala
This is Chicken Tikka Masala, and it is do die for!
My friend, Sara, had this great idea to come up and cook dinner with me, so we could kind of have a family “date night” of sorts, and eat a delicious meal without the price tag. She chose this recipe from Pioneer Woman, and it was most definitely a hit. (Also, Kevin took this shot. It was better than the one I shot.)

I’m sure you are beginning to get the picture, here, that I have more time to shoot photos when my babies are sleeping… Pretty soon, I’ll have enough photos of Selah sleeping to make a book!

Shhh! Mom!
What happens when mom makes too much noise with the camera: baby changes position and is no longer as cute as before…

Up next- Drew turns (has already turned, actually) nine!