7 Days, Day 4: Veggies!

I’ve been super excited about our veggie (and now fruit) share each week (we are only 3 weeks in) and decided to take a picture of the share today. I am totally standing on top of my counter in this shot, ha ha! I was pretty pleased with the share this week (I’ll admit last week’s was kind of a disappointment)… lots of salad greens, which is good with me, because I’m pretty much a rabbit. The turnips, and daikon, and garlic scapes are new to me as far as veggies go, and I’ve enjoyed finding recipes all over the net to cook these different things. We’ll see how next weeks share compares…

This is also one of my 7 Days shots which is going on over here.



Selah and Rory holding hands


S has really been taking a shine to her little sister lately… Of course, R thinks her big sis is amazing and will often sit there and giggle at her. It’s interesting to see the differences between boys and girls. It took D quite some time to warm up to his little brother, B, and B quite some time to warm up to his little sister, S. R, though, has pretty much captured the heart of all of them, though it took S some time to get used to not being the baby anymore.
I’m so blessed by and with my children. They are truly great kids.

This Girl is Mobile!

It may not be very graceful or fluid yet, but she can get where she wants to be… and this is where I say (like every other parent) that it is going too quick, my baby is getting bigger, and I can’t believe she’s not an infant any more. So excited for the milestones to come, but a part of me wants her to stay a cute little baby forever!