Our Summer in Pictures

We had piano lessons and much practicing (which has shamefully fallen by the wayside since school has started)

We “helped” mom outside with the gardening…

We entertained…

Enjoyed visits from family… (Me and Kev with my cousin, Jason)

Wrestled in the yard…

Grew things… (I’m having a bumper crop of cucumbers! Cucumbers anyone?)

Went out to fancy dinners with family…

Hung out with these two lovely ladies (who thankfully managed to escape the stomach but the rest of us got! Phew!)

Enjoyed our Auntie Hannah…

Sister time! (Short-lived, but better than nothing!)

Three of a kind.

This is Relaxing...
Relaxed…sort of.

Darin the Jungle-Gym
Thought Uncle Darin was a GREAT jungle-gym!

Ate nice dinners, had nice little parties… (and then all got simultaneously sick with the stomach flu…such a bummer.)

Mt. Sneffels and the San Juans
Celebrated Gramma Cherry’s arrival with a trip to the beautiful mountains… Telluride, Colorado.

See, we’re all happy now…

More Family
Good family times, even if I do look doofy… haha.

Hoolahoopin' Shoulder Ridin' Mama
Aside from the adult sized teeter-totter, hoola-hooping with Rory on my shoulders was just one of the high points of the Telluride trip.

Monument Day Trip
Then Papa came to visit and we drove the Colorado National Monument…

Which is gorgeous, as always…

Papa and the Boys
Papa and the boys and Independence Rock…

Leaping is always fun!

Father and Son
Father and Son…

More family portraits…with Kev’s mom and Kev’s dad…

Going for a Ride
We got hauled around the back yard… much to our delight!

Scaled many…things… (and filled many diapers…)

Mom painted our faces…


Gathered Around the Apple
Celebrated birthdays techie style…

First Day of School
Started school. (July 26, to be exact.)

I SEE You!
Got caught in the act…

At the Lake
And swam in green waters…

And if you made through all that, you’re my hero. And if you can believe it, there are MOAR pictures on my flickr site, if you dare to look. (Also, I have changed my flickr settings, so if you’re not one of my contacts on flickr, you will not be able to see my photos. Sorry for the inconvenience… it’s just getting a little too scary out there. Plus… Kevin and I were totally spooked after watching The Lovely Bones and have since stepped up our security a bit. Funny, but not really.)


Here She Is…

Wax Dragon Popsicle View
This is the current piece I am working on… She is made out of wax, and some day will become bronze.

Wax Dragon Face
A (slightly out of focus) close-up of her face.

Wax Dragon Sideview
Le tail…

Wax Dragon Backside
Warty scales…

Selah’s Birthday!

Happy Princess

So a few weeks ago, we threw a birthday party for Miss Selah. This one was super fun for me because I got to use some of my creative talents to add to the fun for once. We had a few friends and family over, served tacos, and then I pulled out the face paint, which turned out to be a hit.

Zoe Getting her Stars
My niece, who had requested stars…

Pink Stars

Pirate Beau
Captain B. Hook!

Drew as Some Sort of Pokemon
Drew requested to be a Pokemon character…

The Pie
Strawberry cream cheese pie with graham cracker crust. Definitely my favorite pie ever. The kids (and my mother) however, ate the gluten free chocolate cupcakes I made…

Super Excited
Bad fuzzy pic of Selah’s excited face! (Also… there has to be a similar shot of me serving the birthday cake/pie/whatever for pretty much every birthday party we’ve done… too funny.)

Selah, Checking Out Her Cupcake
Mmmmm…. cupcakes made from Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix. Pretty much tastes better than chocolate cake with gluten in it! For the record, I am not gluten-free. My mother is, and so… I make various gluten free foods for her when she comes over, because I’m awesome. 😉

Putting on Presents
Trying on the princess shoes, and the dress. The dress came from my parents, and I tell you, there has not been one day since her birthday that she hasn’t worn it! She LOVES that thing!

Cannot believe my little bundle of girl-joy is already four. It truly feels like I just gave birth to her yesterday… My how quickly life changes. Happy Birthday Selah! You are loved, my beautiful little princess!

As always, more pics on my flickr page. 🙂