Things I’m Learning

Today, in school, for Beau’s history studies, we were learning about Wagner’s epic opera, The Ring Cycle.  I recognized it, when we played it, although I had never known what the title was, or who has composed that particular piece of music.  I hear it often in movies and TV shows.  You’ve probably heard The Ride of the Valkyries too.  What surprised me though, was how it brought tears to my eyes and made me tingle with emotion when the first women breaks into song, even though I have no idea what she is saying.  So, apparently, opera makes me cry. Who knew?  Yep,  I’m learning amazing new things every day, and in every which way

Homeschooling has been kind of awesome that way.  I’ve learned so much history that I never even broached in my school years.  My math skills have gotten a kick in the pants I never saw coming.  I am learning so much.  (And I *think* my kids are too.)  One of the biggest and unexpected benefits of homeschooling is feeling like I have a purpose.  I know what you’re thinking, “but, you’re a mother and wife! You already have a huge purpose!”  That is true, I do.  However, if you were ever, or are in my shoes, you know how the day in and day out of being wife and mom can leave you feeling a little less than important or like you’re making much of a difference in the world.  I like homeschooling because I get to see so much more of how my kids are growing and changing and becoming amazing people.  I get to be an even bigger part of sculpting and influencing who they are.  And watching your child “get it”, like with reading or math for the first time, is so incredibly neat. Right now, I’m having the totally unique experience of watching Selah “click” with math.  She is really starting to understand it and excel.  It is so exhilarating!  I am glad to be on this journey.