For those of you that might be interested (or can’t subscribe to my static baby page) I posted a belly pic… (Not really that exciting…)


My Morning

Crazy Hair Selah

Silly Girl

…and what I woke up to…

March 30th, 2009 Not 2 Weeks after 70 Degree Weather

New Category

Hey guys… I created a new page on my blog here. It’s up above, called “The Baby Monologues”. It will chronicle, well, all the baby stuff. You know, the nitty gritty, size of my uterus… whatever… etc. etc… (Okay… probably not the size of my uterus…) I put it on a different page to avoid my whole blog turning into a pregnancy pity party. So if you want to be in the know about all that stuff, you can check it out just by clicking on that link up there. Oh, and to give credit where credit is due… I totally got this idea from my friend Rebecca. What can I say, it’s a good idea. 😉
Oh, and I will keep the regular non-interested in baby stuff readers up to date on the interesting stuff, like if it’s a boy or a girl, and when I go into labor…
So there you have it.

Hi guys! I’ve dropped the ball again, but I’m guessing you understand… yeah, the morning sickness came and got me. I’m doing okay with it. Trying to eat frequently, and this time I’ve discovered that Jasmine Green Tea seems to help… who knows, I just felt like drinking it one morning, so I did, and it seemed to help settle my stomach a bit. Mostly just thinking and talking about food, and seeing pictures of it, make my stomach roll, but with the eating part, I’m generally okay. (Granted, there a few things I wont be eating for quite a while!) I’m hoping and praying that it doesn’t get any worse than this.

I do have a few things I wanted to post on, like my anniversary for one. So check back soon, I hope to have those up asap!

Overheard, and Not So Overheard

Overheard at the play area at the mall just last week.

Drew, to a random kid his age: “Do you have moves?”

The random kid responds by doing some random circles and skips and jumps, and says: “Yeah can you do moves like that?”

Drew: “Actually my moves are pretty great.”
Drew then does random twists and jumps off some of the equipment, and says: “My moves are pretty mysterious.”

Said right to me last week, as I was slouched in a chair reading my book.
Drew, who I’m sure had the best of intentions: “Mom, I can see that your belly is getting pretty fat now.”
Me: “Thaaaaaaaanks.”
(If the above requires explanation… when we told the kids they were going to have a new brother or sister, Drew skeptically looked down at my belly, most assuredly wondering why I wasn’t “fat” yet, as he says. In his mind, he associates being pregnant with a fat belly, so being fat when you’re pregnant is a good thing…)

Menu- Week of March 16-22

Monday- grilled chicken with brown rice and asparagus
Tuesday- veggie omelets
Wednesday- Out to dinner for our 9th Anniversary! Weeeee!
Thursday- chili with corn bread
Friday- pesto pizza
Saturday- chicken paillards with chickpea glaze and arugula (Can you tell I got this from the most recent Everyday Food?)
Sunday- baked potato bar

Snacks and lunches: avocado and turkey sandwiches, leftovers, smoothies, peanut butter on graham crackers and string cheese

It was an interesting experience looking through the new issue of Everyday Food today. Some suggestions made my stomach curl and others made me hungry… I’m going to do my best to stick with my menus, but I’ll have to keep around some fail-safes when the morning (which would be more aptly named “all day”) sickness rears it’s ugly head. Hence the peanut butter graham crackers and string cheese and smoothies. I’ve definitely been craving fruit.

Selah’s Shinnanigans or Why I’m Unsure About Having Another Girl

Instead of get upset about the many many things that Selah seems to get into lately… I’ve decided to chronicle them for humors sake. Kind of like my friend Allison’s List. And, on that note, must say that Selah has spent her fair share of time dipping the boy’s toothbrushes, cups and anything else in the (usually not flushed) toilet. (Don’t worry… not going to take a pic of those times!

Smooshed Stick O Butter
Yesterday, I discovered this on the play room floor. This is probably the 3rd or 4th stick of butter Selah has completely demolished. You’d think I’d have learned by now. But darn it all if that girl doesn’t get smarter every day (and apparently I don’t… ha ha!) Her determination is unmatched by anyone I know…

The Granola Spill
Then this morning as I was sitting there drinking my tea… and not paying close enough attention, Selah grabbed her little chair and stepped right up to the counter where the container of granola was sitting and gleefully dumped it all over the floor! It is not cheap, so I tried to save the parts that weren’t touching the floor. At least I had just mopped yesterday! And of course I had just mopped yesterday! As you can see… she decided to come back with a tool when I went to shoot the pic.
A funny side story… Kev came up to have a bowl of granola right after this happened. I contemplated telling him what had just happened, but decided to let him eat his granola in peace. He just now saw the pic and asked what it was all about… so I told him, then I told him he ate his granola after the fact. He says he’s gonna get me back… hee hee hee…

The Mini Monkey
When I ran to grab the camera for this shot, Selah was actually casually sitting on the top of her changing table, amidst the wipes she had ripped up and strewn everywhere. By the time I got back, she was crawling down. She is a fast little monkey! Also, it’s highly appropriate that her pajamas have little monkeys on them. I find the wipes here and there around the house on a regular basis…

That is it for now… we’ll see what shinnanigans next week brings us! Stay tuned!