A Haiku or Two

White and gray clouds press
Winter is without color

Fiberglass wonder
Hurtling down the mountain
Snowboarding is fun

Feel free to add your own…


Menu, January 25-31

MondayGreen Chicken Chili

Tuesday– Philly Steak Sandwiches

Wednesday– Baked Potato Bar

Thursday– Thai Tacos

Friday– Drew’s Birthday party, Hamburgers and Hotdogs! and this yummy salad.

SaturdaySalmon with rice

Sunday– Leftovers

Lunches and snacks- turkey sandwiches, leftovers, salads, dried cherries, apples, nuts…


Pig Tails

Selah has been a rather difficult child lately. All TWO and ALL girl. She’s been prone to dramatic crying episodes, screaming and pitching fits. She’s always getting into something, whether it be my desk drawers or her own dirty diapers. (Seriously, the other day she had a full-on dirty diaper, stuck her hand down it, pulled it out, and clearly disgusted with the contents, proceeded to try and flick them off her hand! Ahhh!) We’ve also had quite a war going on at night when putting her to bed. We cannot get her to stay in there… I’m not sure what the solution to that one is!

Anyways, to try and remedy some of these issues, such as the drama, I’m planning on taking her on a mommy-daughter date, to give her some focused one-on-one attention. I’ll try to do that as much as I can at home too. I think she’s having a hard time dealing with the changes. I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas for things to take her to do. (Any suggestions are welcome!)

I got her her own little lip gloss compact in the shape of a cell phone the other day. I was thinking it might be fun for her to play with, and hopefully keep her out of my own makeup. Then again, it might have the opposite effect.

She really enjoyed it…

I Can Apply Lip Gloss, Can You?

She can also be such a joy when she chooses to be. She’s always eager to help, has the cutest little speaking voice, and is adding new words to her vocabulary daily. She has a flair for good music and likes to dance. She loves hanging with her brothers and can really hold her own with them. She’s quite intelligent and I look forward to what the future holds with her. (I probably wont be sad when the “terrible twos” are over with either.)

Rory Talks

Sorry I did not put up a menu this week (I’m cooking a bunch of easy, uninteresting stuff anyways,) but I have something I think you’ll like better…

Menu, January 11-17th

Monday– pasta with roasted veggies and spinach. We never got to this one last week, so we are going to try it today. Also, I couldn’t find any arugula, so we’re using spinach instead.

Tuesday– burritos! Going with something easy today…

WednesdaySalmon and Zucchini baked in parchment paper, with rice Note that this recipe is for one person, so if you’re making it for more than yourself, don’t forget to get enough ingredients!

ThursdayChicken potpie This is the best tasting chicken potpie recipe ever! (In MHO) This time I’m going to substitute the puff pastry with frozen pie crust for the top and bottom.

FridayBeef Rolls with Spring Salad Also didn’t get to this one last week…

Saturday– breakfast for dinner

Sunday– leftovers

lunches and snacks- leftovers, sandwiches, soups, oranges, apples and bananas, granola bars, nuts and dried fruit

Out With the Old, In With the New! Goodbye 2009!

Goals for 2010:

I’d like to do more art this year. I don’t know exactly where that will lead me, but I’d definitely like to draw more. I consider drawing my first medium, and I haven’t done it in so long. I also would like to produce a lot more in pottery as well. I’ve had a goal of finishing an entire set of stoneware for ages now, so hopefully this is the year I do that.

I want to get outdoors more this year. Go on hikes. Walks. Get out and enjoy my surroundings. I really live in a great place, that offers so much to see, explore and appreciate.

Right there with my outdoorsy goal is getting in better shape. I’m not talking about losing weight. I’m talking about toning my muscles, building strength and endurance so that I can do more of the physical things I’d like to, such as skateboarding, snowboarding, hiking… etc…

I want to grow a bigger garden this year. Last year I grew my first successful garden, and really enjoyed the experience. This year-more! I’d love to be eating a lot of our veggies straight from our own backyard. I know that the less your food has been processed, the better it is for you, and we’re all about better food (and better health) here. I’m also thinking about joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year, for the same reason I’ve just mentioned. I probably wont be able to grow an entire selection of all the fruits and veggies we eat in my garden, but with a CSA membership, we should get a really good showing of all our valley has to offer.

I also plan to work on my wardrobe this year. Granted, I’ve been pregnant 4 times in the last 6 years, so my wardrobe has kind of suffered as a result, and that’s to be expected. But I’m ready to have some cute and nice things, and put together some sharp outfits.

I’m already working on cozying up my house as well. We’ve got a fairly large house, and originally bought it with the intention of flipping it. Well, 5 years later, we’re still here, and I think we’re going to stay. (We just like it here too much.) So I’m working on filling all those spaces and finding things that express who we are as family and people to grace our walls and occupy our corners… I will certainly be searching for inspiration on the internet.

Goals that will always be on my list:

-growing as a person, learning, and becoming a better version of myself
-seeking, knowing, loving God
-bettering my relationships with my husband, children, family and friends

Usually I do a year end re-cap and have decided to forego that this year, as it seems a bit redundant. If you (or I) want to see what all 2009 held for me and my family you can certainly search back through all my posts.
I will say that 2009 is year I’m happy to wave goodbye to. There were many good things about the year, in particular the birth of Aurora, but it was a hard year too. Being pregnant this time around was not as easy or carefree as my previous pregnancies. I can honestly say that I don’t want to be pregnant again. Wouldn’t mind having more children, wouldn’t even mind actually giving birth, but going through a whole pregnancy again? No thanks.
Perhaps the hardest part of this year was the abrupt and somewhat unexpected loss of Kevin’s dear step-mother, Cheryl. We are all still working through the grief that this has caused all of us, especially Kevin’s dad, Brad. She was a very special lady, and too young, but we all know she is in a better place, we are just missing her.

So I’m really looking forward to this new year. I’m thankful for the opportunity to start fresh, to build anew, to change and be molded, to enjoy life and to be happy. I wish and pray for the best for all of you in this new year as well!

Just Sayin’

So that I don’t forget,
Rory has been smiling on purpose now for at least 3 or 4 weeks. This is not gas induced. She has also been cooing, gaa-ing, goo-ing, and “talking” with people for about 2 weeks now, and 3 days ago, I got her to laugh at me!