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Just Me. 7 days, Day 1

Sarahgrace: I am a child of God, Wife and Mother…yes, in that order. I am happily married going on twelve years, and have two sons, and two daughters. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Art while pregnant with my first son. I do figure-drawings, portraits, prints, pottery and sculpture and knit pieces. I like to write, sing, read, watch movies, listen to good music, have deep conversations, make people laugh, make people feel good about themselves, snowboard, skateboard, hike, camp, find good deals, sleep, dream, laugh, have parties, and in general just have fun. I am currently holding a twenty four hour, seven day a week job that does not pay, and I volunteered for (more or less): you guessed it…Manager Mom, or whatever you want to call it. And this aint no sittin’ at home eatin’ bon bons gig! At some point in time, I’d like to possibly go back to school and earn a Master’s or possibly a Phd. I’d like to start a career in something, though I’m really not sure what that is yet- full-time artist, counselor, graphic design, teacher, writer, flight attendant? This blog is about my life, my thoughts, my family, my passions, my sorrows, silly stuff, inspirations, with a sermon here and there. Enjoy!

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