A Little Late, but…

I figured I might as well document since I had the photos to begin with. Switching gears to Drew’s birthday here, which was over a month ago- sorry for the confusion. (That’s if there is any…)

Opening his present from his Gramma Summer. One of many sets of Legos that he got for his birthday. I just recently told another friend that we would soon be living in a house of Legos, we have so many.

Enjoying the birthday cupcake…

Don't mess with me... haha
We also had Italian Sodas with a bit of whipped cream on top…

Some of the partygoers…

I was discussing with Drew today what I thought the best (well, the funniest) part of his birthday was, and it had to be when Selah snaked him and blew out his birthday candle before he could… Too funny. He was giggling while telling me it wasn’t funny. Silly boy.

I can’t believe he’s eight already! Thinking that I’ve been a mom for eight years is even more of a crazy thought! He’s a good great kid.

Now hopefully I will get this guys birthday shots up soon… it all depends on how quickly I can upload Kevin’s shots… 🙂


A Smashing Success… so Far

The guitar piñata is done! Only to be reduced to bits tomorrow...

Tomorrow we are celebrating Beau’s 6th birthday! He decided he wanted a “Rock-Out” birthday party, and a guitar piñata. So instead of spending $21 (including shipping) to purchase one on the Internet, I made one. All said, it only cost me $5 in materials, but a whole lot more in terms of time. (Next time, I will just order one.) but anyways, here it is… I can’t take all the credit, Kevin made the shape from poster board, then my mom and I paper mached it, and then I added the tissue paper to finish it. All so some crazy kids can smash it to smithereens tomorrow. Sometimes I question my sanity. Ha ha.