Guess What I’m Doing Tonight?

Folding and hanging up bunches and bunches of PINK baby clothes (many thanks to my sister, Ariel who is handing me down much of her daughter, Zoe’s, adorable outfits.) I realized now as I near my 37th week here, that I could go into labor at any time and I am absolutely not ready. My hospital bag, is as of yet, not packed. The nursery is not quite put together or sparkling clean. There are no pre-frozen casseroles in my freezer (probably not going to do that one, anyway.) So today, I set about taking care of all these last minute things, washing all the clothes, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. I finally registered at (How come all the cute stuff is only online?) So the reality is starting to set in a bit…yes, in (hopefully) less than a month, I will be the proud mommy of a little girl. I’m letting the excitement take over, and the anxiety can kiss my (apparently at the moment, large) butt! 😉


Wordless Wednesday


Side note: I have to say, just in case it goes unnoticed, that my husband, Kevin is the wizard behind the vast majority of the pictures you’ll see on my site here, and my Flickr page as well. This is another one of his beauties. I just wanted him to get a round of applause for a change. 🙂

As my BIL says, “Meh.”

Well it’s Monday. (Do I really need to say anymore?)

Beau is walking around asking me where his peanut is.

I’m trying to think about what to plan for a menu for this week.

Not looking forward to taking the boys grocery shopping with me, but looking forward to having some good salads this week.

Thinking about changing the direction of this post…

Did I mention that for the past two weeks my sixteen year old brother in law has been living with us? He is doing sort of an “internship” with my husband, learning how to use photoshop, video editing tools, and recording programs, as well as writing lots of music and practicing his bass. In addition to that, he’s been watering and mowing our lawn, and has spent a lot of his time entertaining, playing with, and watching Drew and Beau. Which, as you can imagine, is a great relief for a woman who is nine months pregnant. Plus, as I told my MIL, its really nice to have someone else around the house during the day that can actually participate in a normal adult conversation. I’m not talking like a toddler by the time my husband comes home. This week, Philip is back at his home for marching band camp, and will return on the weekend, possibly with his sister, Andrea. I’m looking forward to them being here…and hope I survive the week without them… 😉

In other news…my feet are beginning to swell just a bit- and the only way I can tell is that they don’t look nearly as boney as they normally do. I think they actually might look a little bit better with some water retention. LOL.

Also, we’ve been having 90 degree and higher weather here, and I cannot, for the life of me, get Drew to dress himself in summer clothes. I even tried switching his shorts drawer with his pants drawer, but he still insists on wearing pants and long sleeved shirts everyday. The only time he puts on shorts is when his pants are all in the laundry. Maybe I should just hide his pants for awhile? He does go change into his summer clothes when I ask him to, but it would be so much easier if he just started out the day in them, don’t you think?

This morning, right after I put my mascara on, I had to sneeze. So in addition to having to squeeze my legs together to avoid peeing my pants, I had mascara all over the place. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

I have several pics to post to show you a few of the things I’ve been up to. Like, I finished knitting a purse, and it’s really cute! Yay! (Now for that bib…) Buuuuut…yes, there’s a but, I need to back up all the photos on my computer, there are way too many on here, and it cannot take another load in… (also a reason I haven’t taken and posted another belly shot…sorry!)

I am definitely ready to go take a nap already. It’s only 10:47 a.m. my time.

Only a Month Left!

Woohoo! I’m alternating between being really excited and nervous all at the same time. For some reason, this time around, I’m more nervous about the delivery than I was the other two times. Actually, I could probably name all the reasons: 1. Beau’s delivery was very fast, very intense, and much more painful than Drew’s. 2. You just never really know what to expect (except, of course, a baby…maybe I should just focus on that?) 3. I was 2 weeks overdue with Beau and had to be induced. 4. We have a family reunion/vacation scheduled for August 4th-my due date is the 20th of July. Yes, I’m crazy, and fully planning on going, but for perfectly legitimate reasons. 5. I just cannot fathom what it is going to be like having a girl, let alone a third child, let alone and infant again. I kind of feel like I’m doing this for the first time again. So there you have it…all my neurosis spelled out for you. ;)(Give me some time, I can probably think of some more, ha ha ha)
On the funnier side of things, the other day Drew took it upon himself to point out that, “Mom, your butt really is big!” Not for long, kiddo, not for long!

Twins, Anyone?

So the other day I went to go meet up with my mom and grandma at the fabric store. I was hoping that maybe I could find some fabric with some skull and crossbones and little hearts on it to make a cute little purse out of, but that’s another story. While I was there, my grandma asked me how my ultrasound went…
“So did your ultrasound reveal anything?”
Thinking this was a funny way to word a question, I just brushed it off as an age difference thing, and replied, “Oh, everything is good. She’s healthy, and still very much a girl.”
“So there’s only one right?”
Chuckling a little bit at the very thought, but not at all surprised that my grandma would say such a thing (Oh, the stories I could tell) I said, “No, there’s just one!”
“Well, you look like you could be carrying two!”
“Grandma, you haven’t seen a big pregnant woman! I’m considered pretty small by most standards.”
“Oh…well…you never know…”
I guess I’ll chalk it up to wearing clothes that actually show my shape instead of hiding it…