A (Not so) Wee Little Update

You know… I didn’t want to be one of those people that used it as any excuse, but it’s true… Facebook is killing the blogger (star.) Of course… that’s not the only case with me. I’m still busy as all get out, but have also been pondering many things lately that I’ve found hard to iterate. I don’t know if I’ll ever get them written about either, because these days, my brain seems to be more addled than ever, and an intelligent thought is about as fleeting as these warm fall days.

Recently, I took Beau on a little “date,” something I’ve been trying to do with all the kids, before their little sister arrives and effectively occupies all mommy’s time and attention. We went to the pottery studio, where he wanted to make a cup. I also bought he and I a little treat at Starbucks, and then we picked out a new puzzle. He chose the Transformers 100 piece puzzle, which is recommended for children ages 5 and up. Beau is 4.

Beau and His 100-Piece Puzzle

He did ask for help here and there, but mostly put the whole thing together himself. He’s such a smart kid, and he often hides his intelligence by putting on a goofy exterior. He surprises us from time to time with his abilities. Kevin has been sitting with him at night and helping Beau work on writing his alphabet. We’ve adopted it as part of our routine, while I sit with Drew to work on his reading.
Drew has been quite busy with school projects of late. His class has been studying sea creatures, and he had to choose a creature, write a small report on it, and make a 3-D model of it. He, in typical boy fashion, chose an anglerfish.

Drew and His Anglerfish

He and Beau have been fascinated with anglerfish ever since reading “Finding Nemo.” They’re quite interesting creatures, to say the least. We made this model out of Sculpey, then painted him with acrylic paint, and his teeth are made out of toothpicks that have been painted white.

Spiky Teeth... Yikes

Coming up this week is “History Day”, where Drew’s 1st grade class will dress up as Egyptians and sample some Egyptian cuisine. We’ve been preparing for that by making necklaces, and I will send in some pita chips and hummus, some fig newtons, and maybe a few pomegranates. I don’t know if I will actually attend. I’ve got it in my head that since I’ve committed myself to something that day, I’ll most certainly go into labor! Ha ha!

Then of course there is Halloween, which brings it’s own set of commitments, spoken and not spoken. The kids are really looking forward to trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. They’ve also been enthusiastically drawing pictures of “bone-heads” (skeletons), ghosts, monsters, spiders and pumpkins. We will also try to attend a sort of “community service” event for Drew (his school requires him to complete 10 hours of community service a year) at a local retirement home. It sounds like fun for the kids and fun for the seniors there. Of course… I could go into labor on that day too… definitely committed ourselves to that one. 😉

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We did take a trip to a local pumpkin patch the other day, something our little family has never done together. (Well, not with Daddy anyway.) The kids had a lot of fun tromping around through the pumpkins.

Excited About the Pumpkins

We also tromped around the corn maze a little bit. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize until we got out of it, that it cost $4 per person to go in. They threw us a bone and didn’t charge us for Selah though…

The Prime Seat
“This is the only time you’ll actually be allowed to sit on your sister, Selah.”

It's Fun to Get Lost

Drew was in the lead for quite a bit and kept shouting, “Hey, I’m really good at this!! I’m a good leader!” It was so cute. I’m glad he’s got confidence in himself. Then we came to a dead end and he quickly surrendered his post to Kevin, dubbing him the “Good Leader.” He such a great kid. I’ve been really enjoying watching him grow and change this year, even if it kind of breaks my heart at the same time.

In the Maze of Maize

Drew was having such a great time, he decided to do a little “wiggly butt” dance. The facial expression and mysterious moves definitely come courtesy of my genes. (I’m smooth like that.)

The Maze "Wiggly Butt" Dance

Selah had fun looking at the animals they had there. To her everything is a “horse” right now.

Checking Out Some Animals

Beau was delighted with his little gourd.


Even though we had to spend and unexpected $16, it was well worth the family time we spent together. Next year we’ll make sure we ask all the right questions and so forth. We couldn’t find a sign anywhere that said the corn maze actually cost to go through.

Trekking Through the Maze
(There are more pumpkin patch pictures on the Flickr page if you so feel inclined to look.)

So… that is what we’ve been up to for the most part. As you can see, we’ve had no trouble finding things (and not finding things) to keep ourselves busy. Still, even with all that… I’m starting to feel the pressure of the upcoming delivery, and starting to wonder when this little girl is going to show up. I have to wonder how time can fly by and crawl so slowly all at the same time.


OOps, I Fell Off the Wagon Again

Sorry guys… I just have not been able to keep up with the blogging. Things have just been excessively busy, and that’s pretty much a good thing. Most of my time has been consumed with making meals, cleaning house (which has included a fair amount of nesting), grocery shopping, weekly blood lab appointments, weekly midwife appointments, weekly visits to the pottery studio, taxiing Drew to and from school, doing homework and reading with Drew, book-keeping for my husband’s business, and raising Beau and Selah in the between times. I’ve also been reading (just finished actually) the Inheritance Cycle, and watching Battlestar Galactica with Kev. Then last week I participated in 7 Days, which definitely stretched me. I have never wanted to quit more than I did last week! But I didn’t- I made it through, and I’ll post each picture to show you!

7 Days, Day 3: Harvest
Day 3
Here’s a shot with a lot of the tomatoes I’ve harvested this year, thus bringing sort of a conclusion to my gardening journey this year. I did bring in several orange/green ones just yesterday, hoping they’ll ripen up for some more salsa or tomato sauce. It’s getting really cold quickly and I know they wont last much longer. My tomatillos, which you can see a few of in this shot, didn’t really come through. My plant was huge, but the fruits grew too late, so there were very little to harvest, and I don’t think they’ll make it much longer.

7 Days, Day 4
Here’s a peak into my everyday life, which I have always felt is an essential part of the self portrait anyways. There is so much in between time that is never even mentioned, much less caught on camera. The funny thing is, I was having a low inspiration night this night, so just decided to start clicking off photos. This was my favorite.

7 Days, Day 5: Night
This day’s theme was “Night”, and I did indeed snap this at night, and I am actually in this picture. You may have to drag it into photoshop and lighten things up if you don’t believe me. But if you squint just right, or move your screen around, you’ll be able to see the faint outline of my jaw and my nose.

7 Days, Day 6
This was the result of yet another low inspiration, high fatigue night. I kind of liked it, so I tweaked it a bit in photoshop…

7 Days, Day 7: (Almost) 36 weeks
And of course, what would a run be right now, without the belly shot. Here I am at almost 36 weeks. If you want to know how that is going, there will be a new post in the baby monologues shortly here. 🙂

7 Days, Day 2: Theme: Writing

7 Days, Day 2: Writing

I’m feeling much better today, thank you! Today’s theme was “writing” so I thought I’d pose with two of my main inspirations for writing posts on this blog. Selah was taking a nap so she was not included today, but she has been providing much writing inspiration lately, as you will see when you read the post below.

My Daughter…

…likes to stick things up her nose.

So last night, unbeknownst to me because the door was shut to my room and I didn’t realize it, so I thought I could hear everything, but could not, Selah had crawled out of her crib and made her way into our laundry room.

The Damage
…and this is what she did… You may have to click on the photo to view it larger, but what you see there is an open utility closet with various cleaning items, towels and toilet paper dragged out of it. The toilet paper is all shredded up. We realized she was out of bed when we heard a weird cough come from her general direction, and Kevin went to check on her and discovered her, desperately trying to breathe through her nose. She had stuffed quite a bit of the shredded toilet paper up there.
After trifling with her, and aspirator and tiny tweezers for a good 20 minutes, this is what we extracted:
What We Pulled OUT of Selah's Nose
(I’m pretty sure we got it all out.)

Selah watched from her crib as I picked up her mess in the laundry room. She obviously thought it was pretty amusing so I decided to take a picture of her…

The Mug Shot
Not unlike a mug-shot, no?

Neither one of us can figure out why she likes to stick things up her nose, as this is not the first time we’ve had to remove things from it. But apparently she hasn’t learned her lesson…

Selah Likes to Stick thing Up Her Nose

7 Days is Here Again!

Has it been 3 months already? (Yes, yes it has, 3 long months actually…) Ahem… anyways…

7 Days, Day 1: A Wee Bit Sick

So… not the most creative or awe inspiring photo, but definitely indicative of what’s been going on in my life today. I seem to have caught some lovely bug that my children brought home (via the church nursery, no doubt.) It started yesterday with the full body joint aches, and then this morning and most of the day I struggled with lovely gut-wrenching stomach cramps. Oh, and let us not forget that I’m 35 weeks pregnant. Yeah.
I seem to be doing a little bit better this afternoon, so I’ve been reading my book and flitting around the internet while curled up on the couch. The baby seems to be just fine too, she hasn’t stopped moving at all today. I’m hoping to be back to my normal self tomorrow.
Anyways, Happy 7 Days Fall 2009 People!