I Talk About Boobs a Lot in this Post (Be Ye Forewarned)

I’m sorry I haven’t posted the birth story yet. I’m very preoccupied trying to get ready for this big ten day trip we are embarking upon Thursday morning. I’ve had many adventures trying to prepare for this trip. Anyone ever end up in a dressing room for the purpose of trying on bathing suits, 6 days postpartum, naked, and your baby starts crying and your boobs start dripping everywhere?!! Okay…TMI! But I thought maybe it’d get a laugh. Lets just say, that day at the mall, I did not accomplish anything I insanely went there for (HAD to get some new nursing bras), except for welcoming the all too embarrassing and frustrating “baby blues.” Selah started crying (that girl has got some VERY healthy lungs) and Beau spilled his milk, all over the mall floor, while onlookers certainly wondered what I was going to do about it…and at that point I was done. Figures I would start crying like a faucet in public. Okay, I stuffed it until I was in the car, but I was still in public…and I’m pretty sure people could hear me. Soooo, things have gone much “smoothlier” since that little snafu. Hubby and I went on a date (with baby) expressly to Motherhood Maternity and got some good nursing bras, that I can actually wear my low neck-lined shirts with. (Hey, might as well flaunt em while you got em, right? ha ha…there goes my modesty!) Then Gramma Summer and I made a very successful trip to get food and a few other things for the drive out to California, just yesterday. We actually found a bathing suit that is cute, minimizes all my, ehem, imperfections, and it was 70 percent off! Even better! So, things are underway here. I have to tidy up the house and finish packing and pay the bills and nurse, and change poopy diapers, and break-up little boy fights, and feed people and so on….
Somebody please pray for me!


Dear Chipotle,

Yeah, sure, your burritos are pretty good…but your bathrooms are not kid friendly (or at least, not the one I was in.) There was no changing table in your restroom, and I had to change my poor little infant on your floor (fortunately I had a changing mat with me.) I hope you don’t mind that I unloaded the few extra dirty diapers in my bag in your trashcan…

Selah Summer Ann


Beau asked to hold her, and was absolutely delighted the whole time. They both love their little sister so much. Beau is adjusting much better than I expected. That he actually wants to hold her, says a lot. Both of them are always checking on her, and asking about her when she’s asleep.

Squeakin' Snortin' and Laughin'
Here she started to cry and snort too, and big brother Drew, thought it was pretty funny. He goes around telling people she snorts, and makes the noise for them too.

Family Portrait Five

Oh yes, and there are many more on the Flickr page- just click on one above to get there.
Also, her birth story is coming soon.

We have an announcement!

Sarah’s friend Allie here:

I just got a text message that Selah Summer Ann was born at 8:01 am today, Saturday July 21. I’ll update with more info when I’ve got it!

Congratulations Kevin and Sarah!!!!

EDIT: Just a few pictures and some more info. (Still Allie here.)

new baby selah


I just got back from the hospital and Sarah looks fabulous! Everything went really great and Selah is so pretty! She looks a lot like a darker version of Drew.

She was 6 lbs 5oz and 21 1/2 inches long and she has lots of dark hair. Everyone is doing great and they should come home tomorrow. Great job Sarah!

40 Weeks!

40 Weeks!
Well, folks, today is my due date, and this is a picture of me today. Things are progressing though, and we’re hoping for a delivery soon. If not, I will be induced on Wednesday the 25th…so it’s not long now! I am currently contracting, they are a bit on the painful side and around 15 minutes apart, which is nothing to call in about. I’m hoping they turn into the real deal and we get to meet her tonight! I don’t know though…I tend to do this false labor a lot and then they stop…so we’ll see. Just in case you were wondering…those two pictures by my head are prints that I did in college. The one on the left is a pregnant angel, and the one on the right is just a gesture of a female torso… I really didn’t mean to have them frame my head that way, but there you have it…

I promised pictures of the baby shower, and I didn’t want to disappoint, so here they are!
Baby Shower: Drawing Our Designs
We painted little canvases for the baby’s nursery, an idea which I totally stole from Mrs. Flinger. Great idea!!! So much fun! Woohoo, decorations, we are totally feeding the nesting instinct here, and I am a monster this time around.

Baby Shower
I painted a sea turtle family…

Baby Shower: Me and My Best Buds

Taking a moment to smile for the camera…

Finished Pieces:
Nursery Masterpiece
Some hearts painted by my sister’s MIL, Laurie

Nursery Masterpieces
Picket Fence scene painted by my Grandma, Purple flower painted by Karen K, Purple Butterfly painted by Allison

Nursery Masterpieces
Fish painted by my Mom, Cat painted by Miss Leslie, Giraffe painted by Melissa, and Turtles painted by me…

Here’s the nursery, as ready as it’s going to be for now…
NurseryNursery …can you tell I haven’t fully satisfied my nesting instinct in this area?? I mean, there is still stuff on the floor!

I also got some super cute things for the baby girl…

Baby Shower: Does this Diaper Make my Butt Look Big?

Baby Shower: Hand-Knit Booties

Baby Shower: Hand-knit Cardigan

Baby Shower: Hand-Knit Hat

A special Thanks to Ariel, Melissa, and Allison for putting this shin-dig on- it was a lot of fun!

Well people…I’m still pregnant. Did I mention that I go late? Today wouldn’t be the best day to have a baby anyways, because my hubby is sick, and there is no way on the face of this earth that I want to do this without him. He is definitely my “pain killer” when it comes to labor.
I thought I’d share a funny little anecdote with you…
My mom was talking with a friend of our family who will be visiting close to us right about the time I am due. She was explaining that she might not be able to see them, because she might be down here with me. So our friend said, “Tell her to blow on her thumb.”
HA! I wish it was that easy!

A Few Things

So this weekend, Drew and I had a little time and decided to go on a “Mommy and Son” date and we were looking at movie options and showtimes together.
One of the options was, of course, Ratatouille– and when I suggested it, he said,
“Yeah, I wanna see RAT-PATOOTY!”

We ended up going to see Transformers, which was actually pretty good. I’d have to say that the previews before the movie were scarier than the movie. The movie has a very strong good vs. evil plot, some really awesome action and special effects, and I can only think of two times where I actually heard a curse word, thankfully not the “F” bomb. (Really, if you want your child to hear a curse word, you can just go out in the mass of the public for a few hours, and I’m sure it will happen…) Drew sat there almost the entire time with his hands clasped on his lap, intently watching. It was a great date. Now I need to take Beau and go do something with him before this baby comes…

My best friends and my sister threw me a shower yesterday…I have some pictures- I’ll post soon. Now I’m really ready to have the baby…sigh…