Fall Run of 7 Days

Day 1 Au Naturale

7 Days, Day 1
Just me. Nothing else.

Day 2, Inside

7 Days, Day 2: Inside
Homemade bread and peach freezer jam. The theme was “Inside” for this day… so, I chose the “inside” piece of bread.

Day 3, Family Dinner

7 Days, Day 3
My Aunt and Uncle went on a little western vacation and decided to take a side-tour up to see all of us for the evening. It was so nice! We all had a great time.

Day 4, Shiny Surfaces For Pennies

7 Days, Day 4
Got this bracelet on sale, it was a buy one thing, get another for a penny deal. I’ve been wearing it quite often recently… and noticed it would make a great reflective shot…

Day 5, Outside

7 Days, Day 5: Outside
The theme for this day was “Outside”. About 2-3 times a week I go out walking in the desert area behind my house, either with a friend or my hubby. It’s a great time of renewal and centering as well as good exercise.

Day 6, With The Hubby

7 Days, Day 6
I took a walk with Kevin the next day. We were both pretty tired and fighting headaches, so we went slow. Then we sat down on a rock like a couple of lizards to absorb the sun. And I decided to catch this shot… Gotta love my morning hair! Haha.

Day 7, Family Time

7 Days, Day 7
Since my family is so much a part of who I am, I just can’t go a 7 Days run without including them in a shot or two… these were super fun to take with PhotoBooth, and I think they may have spawned our Christmas card idea…