Thoughts on Thanksgiving

This year, I’ve found myself thinking about what Thanksgiving is all about. (Not sure why I’ve never thought about this before…perhaps it’s that I’m not the one scurrying around trying to pull together a feast?) Sure, it’s about giving thanks, that’s easy, but that’s certainly not all. Thanksgiving is an American holiday, because that’s where it originated, but I don’t think it’s about being an American. Isn’t it supposed to be about breaking bread with other cultures and races, crossing those invisible lines that so often separate us? Wouldn’t it be neat if the whole world celebrated this day with that spirit?
We’ve kind of always had a tradition of inviting different friends and such to our Thanksgiving celebrations, but next year, I will do it with a greater purpose in mind. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, young, old, different. This year, I’m thankful for you.


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