Thinking About Resolutions…

I think everybody makes some sort of New Years resolution. Even if you don’t write out yours on a piece of paper or declare it loudly to all your friends and family, almost everyone looks at the new year and thinks about ways to change it and make it better than the last. I know next year I definitely have some things I’d like to do and not do, new things I’d like to try, goals I’d like to achieve, children I’d like to avoid creating…
So here is a list of some of my resolutions, in no particular order:

-Cut waaay down on the TV watching-the watching my kids do and the watching I do (I watched “The Cable Guy” last night and it really freaked me out!)
-I want to make good choices on the TV we do watch.
-I’d like to spend a lot more time creating things this year, whether it be knitting, pottery, drawing, beading or new recipes…I just really want to be productive.
-I want to learn how to make a basic website.
-I want to be active more: go on more walks and hikes, maybe start riding my bike again, jumping on the trampoline, and snowboarding (!!)
-I want to read more, and I especially want to read my Bible more!
-I want to manage our finances better and more tightly- yeah I know, how many people’s new years res it to be a “tight wad” (LOL!)
-I want to be a better parent, not get frustrated with my kids, not manipulate, not yell. Be more affectionate and fun and less disciplinarian (not to stop discipline, mind you, I just feel like some days all I do is discipline Drew…and I’d like that to change.)
-I want to be a better wife.
(Not that I’m horrible at the last too, I’m actually pretty good, but I think there is always room for improvement.)

So we’ll have to see how I do with this list- it’ll be fun to actually have a record and be able to check back and look and see what kind of progress I’ve made.


A Working Dog

How I wish that I could enjoy Christmas vacation just like kids do. Playing with their new toys. I know this is a big shock, but mom’s don’t get vacations, like, ever. Okay, okay, well maybe someday it’ll happen, but I’m still in the stage of “total twenty-four hour dependence”- meaning someone is depending on me ALL the time, not the other way around. (And even though- I’d really like to wait a good two years to have another kid, the thought has occurred to me to just go ahead and have another one sooner so I don’t get too used to having any freedom, and then forgo having a third kid at all, but I digress…) Yesterday, was nice though…I never changed out of my pajamas and the only work I did was prepare leftovers from Christmas and nurse Beau. And no complaints from the other half (who has a hard time grasping the concept of rest, but I love him anyways and at least the house projects he starts actually are finished in a reasonable amount of time.) But this week in which I am longing to just sit and play with some yarn and my new knitting needles, spend my gift certificates, and eat the leftover candy, I still have to do laundry, and feed Beau, and feed Drew, and feed Kevin, keep things clean, (including myself), pay the bills, and so on and so forth. Just lamenting the fact, the FACT, that a mothers work is never done. Just wanted to share my pity party with you.

And not forgetting that there is the other half’s side of work never being done, here is Kev’s quote from last week: I asked him what kind of a dog he’d want if we were to get one, and he said, “One that goes to work and pays all the bills.”

In Other News…

…my Gramma gave me a cool knitting book “Stitch N Bitch”- which should be helpful for nights when I stay up till 2:30, like I did this Christmas morning. (I know, I know…sigh.) It was a gift for Jeremiah, so here is a pic of him wearing it.

Christmas Surprise!

Well, it’s December 26th, and I hope all of you out there had a nice holiday-whichever it is that you celebrated or are celebrating. My Christmas was quite a bit of fun. We had a lot of family over to our place which translates into a lot of work, so I felt like I was constantly cleaning and straightening up and putting away and getting out. Unfortunately, Beau seemed to be suffering from either a cold or just a hell day of cutting teeth. Thanks to my mom and dad for cuddling him for several hours so I could be a hostess. I still ended up opening my presents while he was nursing. (You’d be surprised what you can do with a kid attached to you!) And opening presents: herein lies the story of the day… So I’m sitting there watching my hubby play Santa and hand everyone their gifts. Everyone is reading their tags, and tearing the wrapping paper looking at what they uncovered and giving thanks to their givers. I hadn’t had a present handed to me yet, and I thought my sister must have noticed I’d been forgotten, because she jumped up and handed me my present from her and Jeremiah. When she handed it to me she made sure that the tag was facing me and that I read it. She had a funny look on her face. She sits down and I look at my tag: it says “To: Aunt Sarah” and that is as far as I get. I think to myself, I’m not an aunt…then I scream, “ARE YOU GUYS PREGNANT!” and she nods “yes.” Then of course all the family members in between insert their own exclamations and there is much commotion and excitement. Yes, Ariel and Jeremiah are in fact going to have a baby! Wow! So there you have it, one of the best Christmas gifts, I finally get to be the aunt. Something to add to my “woman” resume. I’m so happy and excited for her. It hasn’t quite settled in my mind yet, that my sister is going to have a baby- so every once in a while I have to giggle with anticipation. She should be due around the end of August.
Later on I discovered that she learned this news on the Tuesday before Christmas. She had to endure my mother and I dragging her all over town to do the Christmas food shopping before she could get home to tell her hubby… Sorry, Ariel! Then she kept it in through a Wednesday of rehearsing Christmas songs (for a little Christmas album we recorded-nothing special) and the Thursday of recording them. She told our sister, Hannah on Thursday, because it was her birthday and….and she just happens to be a labor and delivery nurse. Had I checked her blog

…I would have been suspiscious.

So from now on, I’m sure you’ll read plenty of my driveling about her pregnancy and so on…I’ll try not to be too boring.
Here are a few shots from our Christmas day…

Yes, that is wrapping paper on my head…

The tired pregnant woman.

Intently working with the playdough…the pursed lips are his concentration look.

In “Light” of Christmas…

From the MOPs daily devotional:

I Can’t Share My Light
Christ tells His followers, “You are the light of the world.” Well, what if we think our light isn’t good enough?
Does any human soul feel up to the task of sharing our faith?

I can’t . . . I have such a small light. How could I possibly make a difference?
I can’t . . . I might fail. I might mess up at sharing my faith.
I can’t . . . I don’t want to get involved. Sharing with others is risky and expensive.
I can’t . . . I don’t want to offend.
I can’t . . . I don’t have a dramatic story to tell. It’d be different if I did.
I can’t . . . I don’t know all the answers.
I can’t . . . I don’t know how to relate to people who aren’t like me.

And yet, we who have God’s light burning within us are asked to share that light with others. All of us. I have this gut conviction that God wouldn’t invite us to be a part of something impossible. In my soul, I have a feeling that we make the whole share-your-faith thing much more difficult than God makes it. I have this suspicion that our “I can’ts” won’t hold up in real life when we meet a person stuck in a dark and hopeless situation. We can hide behind them, but God’s light will poke out of our very beings-if only from our very real human cracks.

MOPS groups (Mothers of Preschoolers) are meeting all over the country -so join us as we TWINKLE and shine during this season of mothering! Visit our Web site at to find a MOPS Group in your area.

This really speaks to me…not only during the Christmas season, but every day of the year- this is what it’s all about.
I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas- and as the cards that I sent out say, “May the gifts of the season, renew your spirit.”

Holiday Thoughts

Yesterday as I went to the bathroom in an overcrowded Wal-Mart, sans children (they were with Gramma), and sans cart (also with Gramma), I sat in the quiet stall all by myself and exhaled. It was so nice to be alone, even if it was in fifteen cubic feet of space. I thought, “I could sit here for hours-too bad I don’t have my knitting with me.”