The Vortex

So today, I’m trying really hard to avoid the vortex. You know the vortex that happens sometime after lunch when you sit down with the computer, and when you get up and hour to two hours later, you have no idea what you’ve been doing. And whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t productive, or conscious. It was just a short lived coma where you piddled away precious moments dinkin’ around on the computer, or reading that magazine, or (insert your “activity” here.) And really, sitting down for a break isn’t so bad, it’s the effect that being in the vortex has on you after you come out. You’re tired, no energy, no drive or motivation, and you’ve forgotten all the goals you so gallantly set out with at the beginning of the day. And all you can do is pull yourself together, grab a (protein rich) snack, and try to put something together for dinner for all the members of your household that are counting on you to have it together. So I’m off to avoid the vortex today…right after I check my favorite blogs…


6 thoughts on “The Vortex

  1. Interesting. The Vortex came to visit me just last night as I sat here too long reading stuff that really could have waited until today. So, another late night and another failure to sort out the shadows under my eyes!

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