A Kiss Off to NaBloPoMo

Kissy Faced Beau

Kissy Faced Drew

We made it to the finish line, (I think.) Today’s the last day of November, right? Ha ha. It has been fun posting everyday this month. It has stretched my creativity a bit, which is always a good thing. Hope you enjoyed it too. Don’t, worry, I’ll be back next month- just probably not as often 😉


It Snowed!!!

Finally…something to talk about…besides how bitter cold it is, and how ugly everything looks all grey and dead. Now there is a beautiful blanket of snow covering everything, and while I know this makes it hard to travel, I am in the house a good 5-6 days a week…so I’d rather have the beautiful snow, thank you very much! And no, I’m not going to brag without showing pictures, so here they are…

Snow Birds
Looks like they were caught by surprise…because this aint exactly the south.

Checking out the Snow
The boys checking it all out. This is actually a first awakening to snow for Beau.

See it Falling on the Woodpecker?
Here you can actually see it falling. There is also a woodpecker in this photo. Can you find it?

Powdered Sugar Playthings
Winter Wonderland.

I love it! Now I actually feel like getting out the Christmas decorations. Gasp! I know, I actually haven’t decorated yet. This morning sickness (which I am finding is very well quelled with milk, praise the Lord!) was making me feel kind of bah-humbuggy. Actually…if any of you have any tips for combatting it- I’d love to hear them!
Until it subsides completely though, I’m just trying to focus on the good things…like snow!

Drew’s Picks…

So the other night, after discovering we are pregnant, and explaining to Drew that he’s going to have a little brother or sister, he proceeded to tell Kevin later that he is going to have 3 brothers. “Beau, Morrocco, and Skeet.”

The next morning he crawled into bed with me and I asked him about it, and he said almost the same names, “Beau, Morrocco, and Steve.” Then I questioned him, “What if mommy and daddy have a little girl?” “I don’t want a little girl baby, I want a Morrocco and a Steve, and they can play with Zoe.”

Call the Wambulance

Boy do I just wanna complain! I’m only 2 weeks into this (the morning sickness part anyways) and I’m ready to be done with it already. I just have the hardest time being nauseated 24-7. Well, okay, not 24-7, thank goodness it doesn’t bug me while I’m asleep. I was taking a vitamin B and ginger root pill that was supposed to give you some relief from the morning sickness, but truth be told, I think it was just adding to it. I didn’t take any today, and I actually felt a little better. Who knows? Bodies are so weird when they’re pregnant, well, women’s bodies, of course. 😉 Although, this is definitely one of those times I wish my husband could trade places with me, just so he could understand how I’m feeling. Just a couple hours, or a day, and there would be no need to explain to him what’s going on from there on out. Right? Probably not.
So anyways, I’m just trying to find ways to distract myself from being miserable…to combat the nausea. (Animal cookies seem to work good.) It was at this point when I was pregnant with Beau, that I thought, “I am NOT doing this again!” And that is just the way I’m feeling right now. To top it off, my hubby, who I think is enjoying torturing me, or is just oblivious (bless his heart) is talking about having four children, or more…like 8 or 10. And that’s not all! He’s saying things like, “Maybe it will be twins this time, so you’d only have to be pregnant once!” Okay…I get the sentiment, but TWINS??!!! Ack!

Okay…I feel better now. Just so you know, none of this is to be taken seriously. Caution: writing while pregnant. Ha ha ha.

As Promised Again…

La Turkey

Here’s the turkey. That’s me, my mom, and my sister. Our turkey doesn’t look so pretty, because we actually cook it breast down, so it is juicier that way. It tasted dern good. Great job Hannah!

These are the pictures of my mom contemplating what I was thankful for this year…”my husband…and our THREE children…”

Here, it’s just starting to register. I think she’s counting in her head, I’m not sure.

Figuring it Out!
Here’s where she says, “REALLY!!??”

The happiness, laughter and surprise is all there now. 🙂

Yes...we already Knew...
Here’s Hannah and Darin with a “Yes, we already knew!”

Lil' Miss Zoe
And here’s a totally gratuitous shot of my niece, Zoe.