10 Years!

On the 18th of March, Kevin and I celebrated 10 years of marriage! I have to say I was really excited about this milestone. And though we didn’t plan a weekend getaway, or a return to our favorite restaurant from our honeymoon, we still had a perfect little celebration in our own way.
We ended up going shopping the day before for an outfit for me to wear on our date (as Kevin likes to have a say in these things. After all, he actually helped pick out my wedding dress too!) I had also let on to Kevin that I wanted an anniversary band (because you can’t exactly expect them to surprise you with something if they have no clue you want it! Communication is key. Yes… sometimes it’d be nice if they could read our minds, but then again, maybe not.)

Ten Years
Then we headed off to get ourselves a pair of iPhones as well. (Yes, I know, I am TOTALLY spoiled.) The next day, the day of our actual anniversary, my MIL came over to watch all four kids (FOUR! She is brave, and an angel!) so Kevin and I could go out for a hot little date. We went to a local fancy restaurant and paid exorbitant prices for our food, but we really enjoyed ourselves.

Barely Decent  10th Anniversary date shot

Honestly, by the time we were done with dinner, we were too tired to do much else, so we came home and called it a night, snuggled up with each other and relished the fact that we’d made it this far.