Acid Reflux

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I’ve been having some trouble with acid reflux lately. I ate a sloppy-joe about 2 weeks ago, and have been suffering ever since. Of course, if you know me, you know that I’ve been researching ways to calm it down naturally. (Since those nasty reflux pills they prescribe for you will deplete your bone density! Yikes!) Both my dad and his mother (and my sister) suffer from acid reflux/hiatal-hernia, so I’m guessing this is a hereditary thing for me. I’ve been reading quite a bit online, and have also picked my dad’s brain quite a bit too. What I’m finding out, is that different foods can be different triggers for different people. For instance, my dad can eat blue cheese dressing and be just fine, whereas, blue cheese dressing really throws me a one-two punch. (Sad, I love blue cheese dressing.) So right now, I’m kind of testing to see what I can and can’t eat. (Not too sad, about sloppy-joes, they were never my favorite. Haha.)

Here’s what I’m doing to tame the monster. Drinking apple cider vinegar. I know, sounds gross, right? But it works. You just add a teaspoon or two to an 8 oz. glass of water and sip before or during your meals. It will help alkalize your stomach and also aid with the digestion of the food. (Don’t want that stuff gurgling around in there too long!) The other thing I’m trying is taking a probiotic before meals, which will also aid in digestion. And of course, there is the low acid diet- basically avoiding fried foods, citrus, and foods with high acid content, like tea, coffee, tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries…etc.
There are also exercises you can do to strengthen your diaphragm, that will help keep your stomach where it needs to be, not sliding up your esophagus.
Here’s a few links from what I’ve been reading that I found helpful:
“Exercises to Stop a Hiatal Hernia”

“Natural Remedies for Hiatal Hernia”

“Vinegar and Acid Reflux”

I plan on constructing an extensive list of healthy meals that are acid-reflux friendly, maybe I will post that when I complete it.
Again, sorry for the rambling post. I usually do a better job of organizing my words (I think) but sometimes you just have to get it out, or you won’t write anything at all…


A Rambling Post to Cover the Last Two Months

Oh my! I knew it had been a while since I’d written, but I did not think it had been since February! I am forever and always apologizing for not writing more, I can’t help it.

In the last few months, we’ve had Beau’s birthday, a 12th anniversary for me and Kevin, Easter and a visit from my sister, Hannah, which had included a wonderful “sister’s night out”, (which we failed miserably at documenting with photos!) and what else?? Upcoming, we have my dad’s 60th birthday! Wooh-hoo! And also, the end of school… thank goodness… I’m so done with school already.

Pottery has been going great, and I’ve been producing quite a bit. However, we’ve run into a bit of a hitch, because the clay producer my friend, the studio owner, buys from, is going out of business! Ack! And it will cost upwards of $400 to get it shipped from the next biggest supplier. 😦 Anybody coming this way from California soon, with a trailer you’d be willing to pull a ton of clay in?

So recently, due to our clay shortage, I’ve been working on other (artsy) things on my mom’s day (which we have re-dubbed “Sarah’s Career Day” haha.) I’ve made some headway with the mural on our wall, which I *ehem* started last year.
Wall Mural

I also plan on taking more pictures too… I’ve been bad at taking pics on even a weekly basis, but I still do go dig the Canon out when I’ve caught the itch.

We started the boys in karate, and that has been a fun adventure. I think they are really liking it, and I only wish we could find the time and the money for Kevin and I to take classes too. It’s a whole lot more artistic than I realized, so you can imagine why it might appeal to me.
Beau at Karate

My lovely sister-in-law, Andrea also graduated from college last weekend. Kudos to her, that is a huge accomplishment! We all traveled the 2.5 hours to see it happen and were treated to a gorgeous day.
Andrea's Graduated!

A Good Spot to Watch a Graduation

Draw and Beau at Andrea's Graduation

Thankfully, there was a grassy hill to sit on, because I don’t think the girls would have survived sitting in the bleachers (us either.)

I’ve lately become a little obsessed with getting in shape. (Not being able to fit into last summer’s shorts will do that to you…) I’ve been torturing myself with Jillian Michaels workouts. I always know a work-out is working when I feel like dying by the time I get to the end… It’s had some added benefits as well, like stabilizing my mood a bit, and I’m hoping the core workouts will also help with the recent acid reflux I’ve been dealing with. 😦

I’m also growing another garden this year. I have definitely been a little lazy with it this year though, and many thing are not yet in the soil! Which kind of makes me antsy, but we have so much going on that I’m trying not to worry about it.

It’s that crazy busy time of the year again, where all these events keep popping up and the schools cram in a ton of performances and projects… so yeah… we have an astronomy project, complete with 3-D model of Saturn to do, and an Aztec project, with a paragraph (from a 1st grader) and a costume and tri-fold poster to work on. (And a run-on sentence to boot!)

Today, Kevin said, “What if I told you 12 years ago… let’s have kids so we can stress about homework and schooling later on in life.” I said, “I should have stayed on birth-control.” He said, “Nah, I just wish they’d made a pill to make the stress go away.” I told him, “They do, it’s called Xanax.” 😉