Waving from Behind My Stack of Work

Hello! I’ve been quite absent from my computer this week. It’s Drew’s 6th birthday today, and I’ve been preparing all week! Currently, I have 3 bouncing (not baby) boys in my house, and that number will increase to 4 later on, and then tomorrow…. possibly 4 more, plus a few girls…
I’m making pizza, cupcakes, and a pinata! Wish me luck… well, wish me energy.
Be back next week, hopefully with pics.


Another Way to Save Money

…is to make your own bread which has numerous benefits! I make my own bread every week, it has no sugar or preservatives, smells and tastes great, and is a whole lot cheaper than the “equivalent” at the grocery store. The only downside is that it’s hard to make perfect slices…

The Perfect Loaf of Bread

but really I just wanted to show off this perfect loaf I made the other day. 😉

Guacamole Girl

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you might remember me posting a status update about watching Selah feed herself fork-fulls of guacamole the other night.
Yes, seriously, the girl grabbed a stool,

On Her Tippy-Toes

Stood on her tippy-toes,

Tippy Toes

and shoveled the green goodness into her cute little mouth!

The Guacamole Met it's Fate

it was so cute, I had to get a few shots. Naturally!

Selah, the Guac Monster

Menu, Week of January 19

Since we are on a tight budget these days ( well… kind of an unknown budget really!) I have been trying to incorporate saving strategies into my food buying. What I’ve been doing lately, is following the circulars (you know the coupon and deals sections for the grocery store that come in the paper) and buying the things that we eat that are on sale, and kind of tailoring my menu to what is on sale. I’ve been trying to tie coupon use in with that as well, but have not had a whole lot of luck so far. However, I have saved $60 so far this week by following the sales at each of the grocery stores I shop at! (Now if I can potty train Selah, I’ll save about $30 a month in diapers!) I was wondering if any of you have any money saving tips, etc. that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

This weeks menu:
Monday- Chicken fajitas (I was able to get the bell peppers for $1 a piece, I know that still sounds a bit steep, but they are usual $1.50-1.75!)
Tuesday- Burritos (if you’ve been reading my menu for any length of time, you know these are a mainstay at my house. They are super cheap too- I always buy cans of beans on sale, and am not loyal to any particular brand- though I do prefer organic.)
Wednesday- Roast beef with potatoes and carrots- All bought on sale! Woohoo!
Thursday- Thai Tacos- ground chicken bought on sale, and everything else still very cheap, corn tortillas and cilantro for $0.79 a piece
Friday- Spaghetti- and you know spaghetti is pretty cheap. You can lessen the price even more if you buy tomato sauce, and doctor it up with your own spices. (I bought Classico tomato and basil sauce at Sam’s club which is my favorite. Not the cheapest, but cheaper than if I bought it at the grocery…)

Saturday and Sunday- We are going to be out of town again to visit my parents and hopefully we’ll get up to the Winter X-Games in Aspen. We both have goals of bringing our cameras and taking some great shots of the boarders in the super-pipe! (Wish us luck!)

Menu, Week of January 12

Monday: Cayenne Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa (Still have not had this one!)
Tuesday: Beef and Scallion Stir Fry (Still have not had this one!)
Wednesday: Burritos
Thursday: Veggie Spaghetti
Friday- Sunday: Out of town! Wooohoo!


So last night, all of us were in the kitchen, having a discussion about age. Drew and Beau were dreaming about how they’ll be able to do anything they want when they are grown-ups. So I asked them how old they had to be to be an adult. They didn’t know, but they knew how old their uncle was, who just recently became an adult. Then I had them guess how old mommy and daddy are. Drew thought I was 19, since he knows I’m older than his uncle! Ha! Then we rattled off a lot of people’s ages, trying to give him a better base to gauge age from. Then I asked Drew how old his pa-pa (my dad) was. “100!” he shouts! I’m sure my dad will appreciate that one…

On 2009

This is a make or break year for us. Plain and simple. Sink or swim.
I know that things are not going to be easy this year, and I waiver back and forth on what to do with that information. I know I have a decision. I can either stick my head under the sand, thereby making things harder. It’s hard to do so much with sand (and by ‘sand’ I mean, fear, doubt, lack of confidence and inaction) polluting all your senses. Or I can hit the ground running, and be prepared and ready, and hopefully make things easier. And here’s where you can keep me accountable; I choose to hit the ground running- to do whatever I can to make things better, easier, and to try, unceasingly, to be a positive force in my life and the lives of my family.

That being said, my biggest “resolution” this year, is to get out there and do stuff! I feel like I spend so much time dreaming up and about things to do from my comfy chaise lounge, and this year, I want to get off my rear and participate! I have people to meet, friends to hang with, children to play with, stories to write, cartoons to draw, art pieces to be creating, moments to be had, memories to be created, relationships to strengthen, songs to sing, concrete and wood to be skated, snow to be boarded, dirt to be hiked, sites to be seen, mysteries to be discovered, work to do, and fun to be had!
In so many ways, implied and not:THIS IS A YEAR WITHOUT LIMITS!