I’m pretty grumpy when I get less than 8 hours of sleep. And for reasons we’ll discuss soon, that would be me today. Yep. Grumpy. G-R-U-M-P-Y. I understand that this is not really fair for parties not causing my grumpiness, (Drew) so I’ll make a concerted effort to be nice to him despite the fact that I am a grump. I’m also going to make a concerted effort to take a nap!

I don’t know what was wrong with my child, my baby last night. But good grief, he would not go to sleep! He woke up at about 11 and wouldn’t go back down until, oh, probably after 2. I tried everything- nursing him, nursing him in bed. He completely drained me and then he would still not go to sleep. At this point I was rather tired and frustrated. I also get grumpy when someone interferes with my being able to go to bed. Fortunately for the kiddo, hubby stepped in. Then he really tried everything. Rice cereal, new diaper, rocking, you name it, he tried it. Finally, the only thing left to do was let him cry himself to sleep, which took a good half hour- but it worked. I hate letting my kids go to bed this way, but we were outta options. And of course, this morning, Drew was up at the butt crack of dawn, bright with “I wants!” Now he is running around the house making every loud noise he can possibly think of. I’m going to see if I can find anything to pacify his fidgety-ness on the boob tube and then put Beau on the boob and try to get a little morning nap. Wish me luck.

Dreaming of Sleep, Sarah


Dear Drew,

I’m sorry I didn’t start doing this sooner. I hope that someday (as long as the internet doesn’t curl up and die) that you will be able to read these letters and that they will mean something (anything) to you. My main purpose in writing these it to let you know how my I love you, but also to kind of give you an idea of what everyday life was like with you while you were growing up. It should also serve as a pretty good reminder for me when I get all old an senile and can’t remember anything, (which is happening sooner than I thought.)
Right now you are two years and seven months old. You are a pretty bright kid and pick up on things pretty quick. We really have to watch what we say around you. We were visiting friends recently and one of them said, “Holy crap!” which you repeated excitedly until we told you to say “Holy cow!” instead. Lets hope you don’t remember that one. And that brings up another thing you like to do: repeat exactly what you said until someone acknowledges you. This actually drives me insane, but if I can’t understand what you are saying, it sometimes comes in handy. You are pretty good with most of your words though and are eager to learn new ones. You surprise me on a daily basis with what you know how to say.
You are absolutely full of energy. You are constantly running (and tripping) through the house, jumping off of things, doing somersaults and other weird body contortions. You love Star Wars. You pick up on anything that remotely looks like it could be related to Star Wars. You have a Darth Vader Helmet and a light saber that you love to play with. Although, I must say, you don’t get to play with light saber all that much because you usually end up whacking your brother with it, and I take it away. You are definitely “all boy.” You growl, yell, play with balls, trucks, trains, airplanes, cars, bikes and tools. But occasionally you like to dabble with mamma’s stuff. You were very interested in my bra one morning, so I let you try it on, much to the chagrin of your father. (Sorry, we wont be doing that one again.)
You are infatuated with music, or I should say musical instruments and equipment. Your favorite band is a band that your daddy used to be a part of (you can ask him about that when you’re old enough.) You are constantly asking to listen to them and can’t quite understand why those people aren’t around any more. You’re daddy got you a real mini guitar and you love it. You have shown two strangers (who came to our home to give us estimates on various services) your guitar. You grabbed them both by the finger and dragged them downstairs into your dada’s studio.
Your favorite book is the truck book. I have to read that thing to you almost every night. I have to admit, I am SICK to death of the truck book. But I’m really impressed that you can say, “sanitation truck.” I’m trying really hard to get you interested in listening to other books we have.
You are still not potty trained, and it’s not that I haven’t tried. You are just really stubborn, and I guess you like the feeling of having a load in your diaper. I, on the other hand, am entirely ready to stop changing those disgusting diapers, so I wish you would hurry up and get on the pot here. But I’m worried if I push you, you will have issues about going to the bathroom. And I don’t want you to get a constipation complex, because for some reason I think people who are constipated have deep psychological problems. I don’t know, I guess that is my way of saying that your psychological health is really important to me and I don’t want to be the cause of any head trips you might have!
You have the cutest little blond head and blue eyes and pale, pale skin just like your momma-but you often look like a carbon copy of your dada. I’m glad you look the most like me though, because your brother doesn’t look a spit like me at all! At least not that I have seen yet. You are a tall skinny little kid and probably only about five pounds heavier than your brother. The last time I weighed you, you were still just 27 pounds.
Every night before we go to bed I pray with you. I pray that you will grow up to become a great man of God, to love Him and serve Him. I pray that God gives your daddy and I the skills to raise you to become a quality person. You are my special boy, my first baby. I’m so proud of you and I’m looking forward to watching you grow up, and seeing what you accomplish and what you become. I love you so much!

New Family Member!

Photo and Retouching by Robyn Foss

Congratulations to my cousin Keith and his wife Sunny. They had a beautiful baby boy last night!
So Lakota is, I believe, my third? cousin. (I’m really not sure how all that works.) He is my grandmother’s first great great grandchild, and my mothers first great grand-nephew, if that makes any sense, and my cousins’ first grandchild. Robyn I can’t believe you’re a grandma, and Keith, I can’t believe you’re a daddy! Welcome to the Family Lakota!

Beau Strikes Back!

So I think I’ve mentioned several times in my blog my fears of Drew hurting Beau and that someday Beau would get his revenge. Well, today it finally happened. Yes, at five months old and probably not much less than five pounds lighter than his big brother (which really has nothing to do with it) Beau had his revenge for all the things Drew has done to him, although not on purpose of course. Drew was crawling around on the floor with two cars, showing Beau how vroom, while Beau was intently watching from his walker. Well, Drew ventured right up close to Beau and his head was at just the right height for Beau to reach down and grab a hold of Drew’s hair, and that is exactly what he did. He loves to grab hair! I was reading and eating my breakfast when I heard Drew start whimpering behind me, and I turned around to see this spectacle of Beau with a fistful of Drew’s hair, yanking his head up and down with a big ol’ smile on his face. Then Drew, who was in much pain (believe me, I’ve been there) started to cry. Poor thing. So I rescued him and very lightly told Beau, “No, no.” And then proceeded to give Drew a hug and comfort him and try to explain that Beau just loves him, and he loves hair, so it really was an expression of his love for Drew. LOL! I actually appreciated the opportunity to show Drew that I was on his side too, since it feels like I am always on Beau’s side, reprimanding Drew constantly and telling him to leave Beau alone. So, Beau strikes back, if not on purpose, sad, but funny.

When the Hilarity Outweighs the Wrongdoing

Omigosh! This is just too funny not to share, and also emphasized my need for a digital camera. I swear, every day I have too many funny, cute, whatever photo ops-not to have a digital camera: this is becoming dire. On with the story, so I went to go check on Drew to see how he was doing with his nap, you know. Well, when I looked in on him, he wasn’t there. I noticed a few things had been ransacked in his room and there was a suspicious wet spot outside his door. So I went and poked my head into my office and there he was quietly looking at all the pictures that pop up on our computer’s screen saver. But that is not the funny part. The funny part is that he was wearing a tie, a vest, no shirt, a pair of little cotton blue shorts and no diaper and to top it off, this little water hat with a neck shade perched all cock-eyed on his head. Oh, how I wish I had a camera, you should have seen his cute little face look up at me all the pride that he had dressed himself, but the guilt that he had snuck out of his nap, and was scared he was going to get in trouble. I just looked at him and cracked up and asked him what he was doing, and his look quickly dissolved into a look of confusion. “I’m glad mom’s not mad at me, but I’m not sure why she’s laughing…” So, we went and put on his Spider-man pull-ups, which he specifically requested and put on some new shorts (the little blue one’s were wet) and a shirt, kept the the vest and tie and hat. I sooooo need a camera. Wish you could see this. Oh and he’s wearing little dog slippers too!

Laundering Sleepy Pictures of Tomato Plants and a Holey Nerf Ball

…In other words- just stuff…

I’m so so tired. Fell asleep nursing the Beau-bug, only to wake up and find that Drew had taken his Nerf basketball hoop off the wall and placed all the thumbtacks into his Nerf basketball. I guess it could have been worse. Can’t understand why I have no energy.
Today is just a boring normal laundry day (go figure), nothing exciting to write about unless you think the physics of how I fold my hubby’s underwear is interesting. If you do, you’re reading the wrong blog.
Anyways, soon we will be getting our own digital camera and I can take some pictures of our new dining table and my measly little garden or my two tomato plants and a leek. Actually, speaking of tomato plants- can anyone tell me what is going on with mine? I have a beautifully large plant with lots of blossoms, but no tomatoes yet and it looks like something is eating my blooms. How can I stop that?

Beau Baddies, and a Goody Too!

Last night I woke up to a steaming hot baby with snot running profusely out of his head desperately trying to figure out how to crawl, right next to me in bed. Poor thing. I don’t know if he is sick or if this is a really terrible stage of teething. Lets hope its the latter, seeing that we still don’t have insurance on this kid. I gave him some Infant Tylenol and tried to suck as much snot out of his head as I could and nursed him (which is probably by far the best medicine) and he cooled down and went to sleep. Today, there is no fever, just lots of head drainage-nose and mouth. Maybe those things are going to cut through today?! Drew never had any problems with teething, he was never fussy or had a fever. A few times he may have had a mild runny nose, so this teething kid hell is kind of new to me. Right now, Beau is fortunately sleeping, so this should give me a little bit of time to update his wardrobe, of which he has grown out of just about everything, already. On a positive note: he said his first word yesterday- and I’m sure this will come as a shock: it was “DAD.” Even if he is having a hard day, at least I know and am prepared, which in some weird way makes it easier. I’m so proud of my boy!