Potty Training

Hello! Today I was at Sam’s Club for the express purpose of buying a BUTT load of diapers (pun totally intended!) I decided to take the opportunity to see if I could talk my 2 year old into potty training by showing him how the cool little boy was sitting on the potty chair… Then an older lady walked by smiled at me and said, “I hear you bribing him…” So this is what it’s come down to, I am bribing my son to potty train. I’m sick and tired of changing really disgusting poopy diapers, and I think my son is definitely old enough and smart enough to know how to go. For some reason he seems to like the feeling of poop squishing around his little butt cheeks. God knows why!
So if any of you out there have any good potty training advice, ideas, or just cute stories…please feel free to share! I need all the help I can get!


Fulfilled Goal

So today I successfully finished planting my little garden. It took probably about 8 hours of toiling in the dirt, dodging mosquitos and spiders, greasing myself up with spf 45 sunscreen (I’m transparent) , and one nasty migraine, but I did it! Yeah! I’m so proud of myself. Now I feel like my other goals may have hope of coming to fruition. (Ha, pun not intended!) I’ll just have to keep on that garden and report when the first tomato comes out!

This weekend we are heading to Mesquite for some fun in the hot sun to hang out with my hubby’s dad and his wife. Should be lots of fun.

And the count down begins… just about four more weeks till my sister’s wedding!!!!!


Yesterday, I was elated that I actually got two hours to myself out in the garden. I worked and worked in the hot sun- it got up past 90 degrees I’m sure and today it is already 93 degrees. When I finally came in to feed my little one I sat down and realized I was really tired, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my fingernails hurt. Then a little while later IT arrived, yes, the Migraine headache. I wish I would have recognized it at first, but it disguised itself as a regular headache. I usually get a warning sign- like weird flashing light in my eyes that wont go away. When that happens I know just to take something and drink a lot of water and go lay down flat on my back and not attempt to do anything. But no warning sign last night, just started small and I kept on doing things even though I felt crummy and then by 9 pm I was really in a lot of pain and extremely nauseated and still in denial. So an hour later when I went to go get some more Ibuprofen, and barely made it out of the kitchen without feeling like I was seriously going to hurl- I decided that gee, this was a Migraine and I better just lay down now… The only upside is that it happened at night when you can lay down, well, because you’re already laying down…
This, unfortunate event, I determined, was due to my working out in the hot hot sun for two hours, and now that I have probably another 2 free hours to myself (both boys are happily asleep) I am in here writing instead of finishing up my garden! Boy the day after a Migraine must be what it feels like to be hung over- you know, fragile head, the shakes, sensitive to light, kind of queasy. (Glad I’m not a heavy drinker!) Yep, don’t want to risk that again and go out in the yard- what a bummer! Hopefully it will cool down a little in the near future and I can finish up and have me some tomatoes!

Oh yeah- and I actually got all the addresses from my sister so I can mail out the invites to her shower- Amazing!


Tonight I finally got to go to one of my husband’s shows! And I think I will get to go the one they’re doing Saturday as well. Two in one week, omigosh! They are both outdoors, so that is why I am able to attend them. I can get far enough away from the sound to not have it be damaging to my little one’s ears. So it was nice to get to see him play for once. I’m really looking forward to when I can be more involved in the band again. I feel rather left out all the time. There just isn’t a whole lot that I can do right now with the baby except for pray for them and be encouraging and try to show up to meetings. It wouldn’t bother me so much, but I don’t feel like the other people in the band really understand why I can’t help out that much and I think they kind of hold it against me. This of course is just an assumption, so I could be wrong, but you know how body language and what you say or don’t say can really communicate some times. Fortunately there is another band wife who is also a mom and she and I understand each other, and I’m really thankful for her. It would be really hard to be the ONLY one with kids. But, alas, I think that the other wives will be having kids before we know it and then they’ll probably be glad that we forunners have already been there.

Well, that’s all for today… planning on getting the gardening done tomorrow. I’m so excited about my plants. I can’t wait until they start bearing!! Yeah- fresh salsa with homegrown tomatoes!

Locked Out

So today I was busying myself with watering my lawn. I went out the front door, told my 2 year old I’d be right back, and to stay inside. When I came back to the front door, there he was smiling at me through the glass. I turned the knob to discover he had locked me out! The little twerp! He would not unlock it either, he thought it was really funny and kept on laughing at me…

So what did I do… and how did I get back in…?

Fortunately, my back slider door was not locked and I was able to get in that way… and Drew.. well he’s not going to do that again!

I bought my tomato plants- now I just have to get my garden soil ready and put them in the ground. Actually I bought a leek plant and a rosemary plant too… I couldn’t resist- they were readily available and cheap at Home Depot. I used to hate that store, but now I love it…

This week my goal is to get out my sister’s bridal shower invitations, but seeing as that is contigent on her getting me the addresses, it probably wont happen. I asked her for them 3 weeks ago…do I have them yet? NO!!
Wish me luck…

Kids say the darndest things…

Reading one of my friends blogs reminded me of something really funny my son said…
When I went to get him up on Wednesday morning I told him that today was his papa’s birthday and that we were going up to see him and gramma Sum Sum… and he said, “and Phoebe?” (My parents’ dog) So I said, “Yes, Phoebe too. Can you say happy birthday Pa Pa when we get there?” and he said, “Happy Phoebe!”

Also, while at my parents he spent a lot of time harrassing their cat as well, and the cat finally fought back and scratched him on the hand and then found the best hiding spot it could. After crying and coming to me he then went right back out to the living room and asked, “Where’d kitty cat go?”

And finally… being reprimanded for tapping on the fish tank, gramma Sum Sum told him not to do that , it would make the fishies go away forever, he said, while waving, “Bye bye, fishies!”

Hangin’ on a Saturday

It is Saturday and I am home after 3 days hanging with my folks. It was my dad’s birthday and I also wanted to go up to Aspen to see and art show done by kids from schools across the valley. My mother is an art teacher at a private school and her kids had an exhibit up there. I also met an old friend for lunch and that was fun too, hadn’t seen her in a while. Gee, I’ve got to get out more often. I was really needing it. Sometimes I get holed up here in the house for too long. It’s not healthy when your only outing during the week is to Wal-Mart…

Today my adorable husband is tiling the backsplash in my kitchen and I’m really excited about that! My kitchen will be near finished then. All we have left to do is put glass in a couple of our window cabinets.

It is warming up down here and feeling pretty good finally. I welcome the sunshine after a cold cold winter and really expensive heating bills!

And to answer an anonymous persons question about why I didn’t have my son circumcized at the hospital… It is entirely too expensive to have it done at the hospital, it actually costs about $400 less to do it in the doctors office! I have to say that hospital costs and insurance b.s. is really a sore spot with me. There really needs to be something done about these people who are controlling our lives in a round about way with their exorbitant prices for medical care…
But…such is life… Maybe one of my sons will grow up and be the person who changes that for the better…