Monday Blues, or Brain Scramble, or Whatever

Well, it’s Monday morning and I’ve already been vortexed once this morning. I have too many projects going on! Of course, a lot of them are forever ongoing (like the dishes and the laundry, and the preparing of food. Is anybody as annoyed that we have to stop and eat as I am?), but I’ve also got a Christmas tree to decorate, bathrooms to scrub, carpets to vacuum, floors to mop, and well…more food prep to think about. Of course the Christmas tree part is fun, but (oh yes, there’s a but) I’m the type of person that does that delayed gratification thing, meaning I have to do all the other non-fun stuff before I can get to the tree. The question is, will it happen today? Oy. How ’bout you? How is your Thanksgiving week shaping up? I think we need some pictures to cheer us up, don’t you?

Arrg!  I'm a Viking Mommy
After what I’ve been through this last weekend (I had poor Drew who was sick with the stomach bug crud all by myself…seriously not cool) I deserve to wear this hat. I’m tough.

Viking Mommy of Three
My Viking Captures…except one seems to be faulty…what’s with those eyes?

What I’d really like to be doing today…sigh…


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