A Few Things

A few things.
1. I am currently without a computer. I have an iPad, and yes, I like it, buuuuut, it’s kind of unpleasant to try to write for my blog with it. Touch-screen, and auto-correct, to name a few of the frustrations…

2. We are currently remodeling our home. My dad is installing wood floors for us, which has also required us to rip up our sub-floors and replace them and level them all out. This house was built in 1978, before certain things became code, and well, let’s just say it’s taking longer than expected. Such is the way of construction projects. My poor dad. Also, Kevin and I are currently sleeping in the playroom.

3. We are in that springtime crunch at school where they start trying to cram a bunch of stuff into the last few weeks left in the school year. Kevin and I just finished preparing costumes for the boys for History day tomorrow. Beau is going as a scientist and Drew will go as a Greek warrior.

4. So far this week I have two children on antibiotics. Selah was diagnosed with an ear infection on Monday, and Beau was diagnosed with strep today…