A Merry Christmas!

7 Days, Day 7

…and a Happy New Year! Christmas cards went out super late this year, in fact, I mailed them on Christmas Eve. The Christmas gifts I ordered for my family just arrived at my house today! Hope my loved ones don’t mind giving me an extension, ha!
To the rest of you, I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas, or Hanukkah or December the 25th- whichever it is you celebrate. We all did here. This year Kevin played for our churches Christmas Eve service again, and then we headed over to his grandparents home for a little pizza and salad and let the kids open a few presents. After we left, we drove around town to look at all the fun Christmas lights. There was a chorus of “oohs” and “aahhs” coming from the back seat. There seemed to be a lot more lights this year due to the fact that we’ve had a pretty warm winter!
Christmas morning was spent at home with a surprise visit from Kevin’s dad- also a benefit of having a warmer winter. In the afternoon, we packed up our lasagna, picked up Great Grandma and headed up the road 75 miles to my parents house. My sister and her family were up there as well. It was quite chaotic as all the kids opened their gifts together, but still fun. We made our lasagna, and my mom made a special gluten free spinach cannelloni! It was a great day! We got home late that night, but Kevin and I still had time to snuggle up in bed together and reflect on the day. A memorable Christmas indeed. And thank goodness (and please pardon) I had my iPhone, or there would not be one picture!

Drew on Christmas morning
Drew got up and put on his schnazzy outfit first thing.

To mom and dads house we go
Driving up to my parents house. My grandma holds the seatbelt out like that so it wont wrinkle her shirt, she is not “holding on for dear life.”

Legos are always a hit

My mom bought Lego’s from and older kid who was selling all his sets to save up for a guitar, and the boys were thrilled to have them!

Kids table

The kids table.

Adult table

The adult table… With some kids at it, ha ha ha!