Yesterday, I was elated that I actually got two hours to myself out in the garden. I worked and worked in the hot sun- it got up past 90 degrees I’m sure and today it is already 93 degrees. When I finally came in to feed my little one I sat down and realized I was really tired, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my fingernails hurt. Then a little while later IT arrived, yes, the Migraine headache. I wish I would have recognized it at first, but it disguised itself as a regular headache. I usually get a warning sign- like weird flashing light in my eyes that wont go away. When that happens I know just to take something and drink a lot of water and go lay down flat on my back and not attempt to do anything. But no warning sign last night, just started small and I kept on doing things even though I felt crummy and then by 9 pm I was really in a lot of pain and extremely nauseated and still in denial. So an hour later when I went to go get some more Ibuprofen, and barely made it out of the kitchen without feeling like I was seriously going to hurl- I decided that gee, this was a Migraine and I better just lay down now… The only upside is that it happened at night when you can lay down, well, because you’re already laying down…
This, unfortunate event, I determined, was due to my working out in the hot hot sun for two hours, and now that I have probably another 2 free hours to myself (both boys are happily asleep) I am in here writing instead of finishing up my garden! Boy the day after a Migraine must be what it feels like to be hung over- you know, fragile head, the shakes, sensitive to light, kind of queasy. (Glad I’m not a heavy drinker!) Yep, don’t want to risk that again and go out in the yard- what a bummer! Hopefully it will cool down a little in the near future and I can finish up and have me some tomatoes!

Oh yeah- and I actually got all the addresses from my sister so I can mail out the invites to her shower- Amazing!


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